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A flexible and mature approach to application development

Transparity is a Microsoft Partner working within the digital and application innovation area, with a specialisation in application modernisation.

Principally specialising in software development, modernisation and integration for the cloud, as well as on-premises and hybrid systems. Our expertise is in Microsoft .NET and Azure, SQL Server and BizTalk Server. We have a well-earned reputation for delivering expert service in these technologies, and for doing so at sensible rates.

“People didn’t think this type of connectivity was possible within this budget, but through the quality of engineering of Transparity, the quality of the development team fronted up with the PM alongside the APPCAN input in terms of UAT and direction, we successfully delivered on time and in budget as stated” 

Co-Founder & Director APPCAN

Benefits of app innovation for businesses:

  • Reduce operating costs: Streamlined operations mean more efficient processes and savings on maintenance and labour costs
  • Agility: Modern applications help organisations quickly respond to market changes and opportunities
  • Scalability: Innovative apps are designed to be scalable, allowing organisations to adapt to demands without significant cost increases
  • Increased efficiency: Streamlining tasks with innovative apps grants businesses more time and effort to use elsewhere
  • Integrated systems: Connecting various systems and applications will streamline operations
  • Improve customer experience: Apps optimised for customer service will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving sales

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App Innovation Services

Our core services and expertise give us great flexibility to work with you across any point of the development lifecycle, and deliver in a manner that suits you and proves most cost-effective. Whether that is an outsourced project, internal team augmentation, consultancy, or ongoing support.

New Software Development

As a Microsoft Partner, Transparity specialises in custom software development for the Microsoft Platform, building bespoke modern cloud-based applications. Thus helping organisations improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

Application Modernisation

Our application modernisation service enables organisations to reduce operating costs and increase business agility. We have a strong track record of helping organisations to consolidate, re-architect and replace critical legacy enterprise applications.

Application Integration

The larger the organisation, the more systems and databases are needed and the greater the need for integration. With system integration, you unite your separate systems into a coherent whole to drive efficiency, scalability and more.

Application Managed Services

We can take on the ongoing management of your application whether we developed it or a transition from a previous partner. We manage your applications with you to reduce complexity and maximise productivity and ROI.

How We Do It

Transparity has been delivering software development and application engineering services for the enterprise since 2005. With over 50 years of combined industry experience from our principals, and as a Microsoft Partner, we have a well-earned reputation for delivering expert services, and for doing so at sensible rates.

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When you need an independent viewpoint, advice, or emergency help with your in-house Microsoft custom software, or software development, call us. Our consultants can save you money by getting your project started on the right foot or resolved rapidly. 

Team Augmentation

Tap into our technical expertise with IT resourcing, Team Augmentation Service. We can help you attain your business objectives by working alongside you as a seamless extension of your own in-house team, on-demand. Save money by expanding your team only as and when you need it.

Development Outsourcing

We take responsibility for your custom software projects, leaving your in-house team to continue with day-to-day operations. As Microsoft platform experts, we work cost-effectively with Azure, .NET, SQL, BizTalk and more. Our project delivery can cover the development of brand-new software, application modernisation, systems integration or mobile app development.

DevOps & Support

Here at Transparity, we can take on the ongoing management of your application whether we wrote it or you need to transition from a previous partner. Fully qualified and experienced engineers provide the support. We do everything possible to ensure your initial investment pays off with a fully functioning and stable application fulfilling its business intention.

Microsoft Technology Experts 

Our software engineering experts have the experience to implement custom software development and integration solutions using the best technologies on the market

Azure Development Platform

Application development and modernisation involve a journey to the cloud – be it hybrid, public or private cloud applications. As an Azure development partner, we deliver software engineering in the cloud and are committed to developing Azure applications to drive efficiency, save on costs and provide the widest choice of intelligent services for our clients — as you transform the way you do business.

Azure Integration Services

Azure Integration Services (AIS) offers a unique cost-effective set of serverless cloud services that provide a secure, scalable and easy-to-manage solution for the integration of both cloud and on-premises applications. Transparity, as an AIS practice, design, develop, deliver and support enterprise integration solutions and provide expertise on all aspects of Azure Integration Services development.

BizTalk Server

Transparity is one of a handful of BizTalk development experts in the UK. We design, develop and deliver enterprise integration solutions, and provide expertise on all aspects of BizTalk Server. With the growth of the cloud, our new systems integration work is carried out using Azure Integration Services and so primed to support customers using BizTalk with experience in migrating when the time is right.

SQL Server

Transparity principals have been leading the way with SQL Server development and the Microsoft Data Platform for over 30 years. As a specialist Microsoft Partner, you can trust our team for both off-site and on-site consulting services. We can help with all your SQL database needs from planning and development to performance tuning, integration and ongoing DBA support, thereby helping organisations save money.


We deliver expert Microsoft .NET capabilities for custom software application development, consultancy, resourcing, and ongoing support. As a Microsoft .NET practice, we deliver software engineering both in the cloud and on-premises. We are experts in capturing the business intent of an application and turning it into a reality. Thereby helping organisations save money by using more efficient custom software.

.NET MAUI / Xamarin

Mobile applications that share code across platforms and with our focus on the Microsoft Enterprise Platform, .NET MAUI/Xamarin is our tool of choice for building mobile applications that are fully integrated with enterprise systems. This technology offers greatly reduced costs for cross-platform mobile development, together with a high level of C# code sharing between mobile apps and the systems they interface with.

Proud to be recognised as trusted partners

We’re proud to hold all six Microsoft Partner Designations and Azure Expert MSP status, firmly placing Transparity amongst the most accredited Microsoft Partners in the world.  

With decades of combined experience our industry-leading technical experts pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer outcomes and creating long-term partnerships.

App Innovation Customer Stories

The availability and performance of a large and complex healthcare management system is the foundation for 'end user service levels. CHT moved their development and support to Transparity at the beginning of the year and improved results have been immediate.

As AppCan’s client base expands, some users required specific functionality. In this case, AppCan was approached by an existing client – a large gas services company – looking for a development partner as it had won the delivery lead framework contract bid for London.

Cornerstone was in the process of implementing an IT system that would manage their entire estate (circa 21,000 sites). This system needed to contain all details of the estate and ensure a greater level of automation could be achieved between Cornerstone, its customers and suppliers.


What is digital and application innovation?

Digital and application innovation refers to a range of practices, such as app development, application integration, and application modernisation, aimed at driving business outcomes. These practices help enhance collaboration, embrace new business models and approaches, and provide unique and adaptable customer experiences.

Why is application innovation important?

Application innovation drives efficiency with integrated systems, and provides a user-friendly interface that optimises user experience. It also helps organisations react to shifting market demands and trends, making it a vital part of modern business.

What businesses would benefit from application innovation solutions?

Application innovation services can benefit businesses that are looking to improve their efficiency, decision-making, and problem-solving capabilities.

Custom software development is a service that can be beneficial to a wide range of businesses. However, some industries may require it more than others. For instance, healthcare and finance are two sectors that can benefit from customized software for higher security and better compliance.

In general, businesses that require custom software development are those that need to automate their processes, improve their efficiency, and enhance their customer experience.

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