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Centralise communications with a trusted Microsoft SharePoint Partner

At Transparity, we have knowledge and experience in resolving common issues across all versions of SharePoint and offer comprehensive technical support for application and server-related challenges.

SharePoint Online, part of Microsoft 365, is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform. It is used worldwide to help companies communicate, share information and manage business processes.

As a Microsoft 365 user, you have SharePoint available to you at no extra cost. Turning this into a stunning SharePoint Intranet will keep your HR tools, document management, corporate news, policies and procedures all in one secure place. We’ll give you the training and support you need to use and grow your SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to complete your digital transformation.

If you’re experiencing problems with the platform, such as performance slowdowns or errors impacting your staff’s productivity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the form above. Our experienced team will swiftly address and resolve these issues.


“Transparity took the time to accurately gather requirements from each work stream in the project before creating a solution. They were very flexible in their approach to cascading their knowledge and input and were very supportive throughout the process. We had regular contact with Transparity and were able to establish clear lines of communication and what we expected as the project progressed. We had the opportunity to host Transparity on site so they could see for themselves the unique working environment we are in. This allowed them to see first had the challenges and benefits we were facing from developing a digital transformation project. We are more than pleased with the result and are keen to embrace the new technology to enhance our service” 

Pauline Hogarth, Project Lead, North East Ambulance Service

The Transparity Hub - A Modern SharePoint Intranet

The best practice SharePoint Intranet. Fully SharePoint – Fully yours.

The Hub is a modern SharePoint Intranet, which we believe is one of the fastest methods of achieving a successful implementation on Microsoft 365. The Hub is delivered by our expert consultants who utilise a number of templates and modules to create a variety of differing designs for the multiple industries that we work with.


The Hub is the quickest way to implement a SharePoint Intranet on Microsoft 365.

Tried and tested

The Hub is a set of templates and modules that we use to build you a bespoke corporate intranet – an intranet-in-a-box.

Safe pair of hands

Our consultants are experienced SharePoint developers and experts, working with companies across the UK to build SharePoint and Office 365 business systems.

Proven process

Our established process helps us quickly understand what you need, design your intranet, and deliver a communication tool tailored for your organisation.

End to end service

Plans include design, build and training. At the end of the project, we hand the intranet over to you, with full training on how to maintain and grow it and support should you need it.

Integrate your intranet into Teams with the modules you need

We'll customise your SharePoint intranet to tick all the boxes. With a range of mix and match modules like ‘Phonebook’ and ‘Policy Libraries', you’ll get a site tailor-made for you. Integrate with Microsoft Teams to bring your internal communications, files and more to where your people are, all in one place with the instant communication of Teams.

Did you know?

Our Hub Intranet was rated the highest value for performance to price ratio in the ClearBox Report (SharePoint Intranet review and comparison)

SharePoint Support

Introducing tools steadily over a period of time, with a clear rationale, brings people along with you. Taking time to show your people how to get the best from Microsoft 365 gives them the power to use the tools available to them to work more effectively.
Transparity offers innovation leading Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consultancy. We offer a range of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 user adoption services that you can mix and match, from quick-start workshops, to drop-in sessions, floor walking and online/ telephone support.

Mandatory Read

Mandatory Read is a bespoke solution developed by Transparity’s SharePoint experts, tailored to enable organisations to efficiently distribute mandatory documents to their employees, ensuring they are read and acknowledged. This tool is vital for disseminating updates on policies and procedures, making it obligatory for staff to engage with and confirm receipt of important information.

Interested in finding out more? 

SharePoint Managed Services

Our managed services take the hassle out of managing your SharePoint environment and provide the peace of mind that your document storage is compliant, secure, optimised, and reliable.

Whether you want to put your SharePoint environment in the hands of our capable experts or a helping hand for your in-house team, we’ll help you hit your goals.

Some of our SharePoint customers

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Expert support for your business transformation

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What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based platform designed for team collaboration and communication. Available either on-premises or in the cloud, it is the platform of choice of many organisations as it can be configured or customised depending on usage preference. Typical use cases of SharePoint are: Document and content management. Corporate intranet or portals. Workflow automation. Publishing of management dashboards.

 As an enterprise content management system (ECM), Microsoft SharePoint can streamline communications, centralise information, strengthen team collaboration, and automate business processes. SharePoint is highly customisable that organisations of all sizes use it for their: Intranet Portal. Communication Portal. Document management. Policy management. Contract management. Knowledge Base. Workflow automation. Helpdesk and Ticketing. HR Onboarding and Offboarding. Organisational, departmental, and project collaboration.

File shares are clunky, harder to find the information that you need, doesn’t provide an audit trail or secure file sharing. SharePoint on the other hand has:

  • Co-authoring – update the same document with your teammates at the same time. 
  • Version Control – see what modifications were done on your document by whom and when. 
  • Powerful Search – lets you find the information that you need in mere seconds. 
  • Secure file sharing and storage – store your files in a secure site and share them only with people who have access to your team site.  
  • Real-time collaboration – collaborate on documents with colleagues in real-time.  
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

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