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The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving – with cybercriminals becoming ever more devious and sophisticated in the way they target individuals and organisations.

With things changing so rapidly, and new risks emerging all the time, many organisations are unaware of the strength of their security and how vulnerable they are to a breach. Even those with a relatively robust security framework in place may still overlook potential attack scenarios or use incorrectly configured solutions.

Transparity has the expertise and diligence to keep you safe. Our security specialists will work closely with you to review your organisation’s existing security posture against our Secure by Design blueprint. Through rigorous Health Checks, Penetration Testing, and Security Assessments we can provide you with a detailed but easy to understand ‘RAG status’ report to give you the insight you need to focus on your security priorities and agree the steps needed to deliver them.

“It has been a great experience working with the security engineers and successfully onboarding the MSS within our infrastructure and would highly recommend Transparity Managed Security Service to any companies looking to enhance their security, and feel safe knowing Transparity MSS is protecting the infrastructure 24 hours a day.”

Amrit Bansal – IT Manager at Blue Coast Capital

Security Health Checks

From in-depth assessments of your environment, attack surface and security posture, to putting your defences to the test – our experts will arm you with the information you need to stay on top of your business’s cyber security.

Each of our assessments and testing options is designed to comprehensively assess your security posture and give you a clear picture of your vulnerabilities with a debrief and roadmap provided by our experts.

Regular assessments and testing are an essential part of maintaining robust cyber security practices and can illuminate threats you may otherwise miss – equipping you with the information you need to secure your organisation.

Security health checks

CSAT Cloud Security Assessment

Threat & vulnerability assessment

Penetration testing & ethical hacking

Azure & M365 Secure Score

Microsoft-funded workshops

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing sets out to ‘stress test’ the effectiveness of a system’s IT security by attempting to breach some or all of that system, using the same methods typically employed by cybercriminals. It is an important process in maintaining a strong and successful security posture in your organisation.

The testing itself should be carried out at regular intervals by an external, independent third-party provider, based on an agreed scope and approach. The provider can then validate your organisation’s existing security and hopefully give you the reassurance that you are well protected from potential threats and attacks.

Transparity can offer these services to you in a structured format, together with an independent penetration testing partner. First, we gather information about your organisation’s infrastructure, security controls and posture, which we use to define the type of test required to reveal the insights you need. Then, we carefully define the scope and goals of the test. For example, what do you want it to achieve? Which areas are off-limits? What is the expected outcome? And so on.

Cyber Essentials Readiness

Cyber-attacks come in all shapes and sizes. But in fact, most of them are very basic and performed by relatively unskilled people. Put simply, they’re the digital equivalent of a burglar trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked – and taking advantage if it is.

With that in mind, it’s also possible to prevent many of these types of attacks by ensuring your organisation is well protected. In other words, that your front door is bolted.

Supported by the UK Government, Cyber Essentials focuses on five important technical controls to mitigate the most common internet-based cybersecurity threats. By putting these in place, organisations can demonstrate their cybersecurity commitment.

Your Cyber Essentials certification badge lets your customers and supply chain know that you have achieved a recognised standard and are serious about cybersecurity.

Our customers trust us to keep their businesses secure, here’s why.

As a leading cyber security agency in the UK, businesses trust us to keep them secure against new and emerging threats. Our cutting edge threat intelligence and proactive approach to cyber security has allowed us to develop long-term relationships with customers who trust us with their most vital assets every day.

As part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and Microsoft XDR verified status with six Microsoft Partner Solution Designations, 12 Advanced Specialisations and Azure Expert MSP status – Transparity is a Microsoft powerhouse.

Cyber security customer success stories

Transparity helped LFS move critical services to the Microsoft Cloud, utilising Microsoft 365, Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure Active Directory and more.

Transparity implemented a new Microsoft Cloud environment and Fully-Managed Support Service for luxury home provider Apo.

Transparity moved ETS to Microsoft 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

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