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Choose our Dynamics 365 consultancy services if you want a partner to manage your existing solution, maximise ROI, and reduce risk

Dynamics Consultants at your fingertips

At Transparity, we pride ourselves on being your go-to destination for consultancy, bringing unparalleled expertise right to your fingertips. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals are committed to delivering exceptional services tailored to meet your unique business needs.

When you partner with Transparity, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring a seamless integration of Dynamics 365 into your operations. Trust us to elevate your business to new heights through our innovative consulting services and let us be the catalyst for your success in the world of Dynamics 365.

Your Dynamics 365, but better

Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship powerhouse – but is it working as efficiently as it should? Does it drive your sales function? Bring in the experts to optimise your environment – streamlining back-end processes and enhancing your tooling and configuration, for a more effective CRM that drives your business forward and gives you a competitive edge.

If you’ve already deployed Dynamics 365, our consultancy service offers expert support in getting it primed for maximum ROI for your business. Whether you need a hand integrating third-party tools, setting up a Power App, automating processes, or just want to make sure everything is running smoothly, our experts are here to help. We specialise in Dynamics 365 CRM enhancement

Unlock your competitive advantage

Free up your organisation’s most powerful minds to focus on what matters, and let our consultancy service take care of the rest. By investing in the right places, you can supercharge your sales and marketing teams to make the most of your customer relationships and data. For customers that stay, spend and advocate for your business.

Make every deal count and drive your sales and marketing functions forward, with easy visibility across your data and focused activities. Maximise your ROI and free up your teams’ time to get back to what they do best – promoting your business and closing sales.

Improving your CRM is the most ROI intensive work you can do, putting information in the right hands at the right time. In this way, you can grow your business and deliver unforgettable customer outcomes.

Business intelligence at your fingertips

Get more out of the data you’re putting into your CRM. With built-in AI, Dynamics increases your sales team’s intuition with additional insights, enabling them to take action and prioritise their efforts to maximise output.

With intelligent dashboards that provide the best next steps for your sales team to take action efficiently. Identify and pursue strategic deals and deals that are at risk, so you can respond decisively. Get recommendations to nurture customer relationships and stay in touch with key contacts.

Make the most of your data and see the benefits in your bottom line. With Dynamics, sales teams saw an increase in productivity worth $13.3M for sellers and $4.7M for sales managers.

Learn more about our business intelligence services.

Our approach

To find the best option for you, we offer a range of workshops with Transparity Dynamics experts. We’ll map out your business objectives and create a plan of action to get you there with a step-by-step roadmap including tangible milestones along the way.

I want to make sure my Dynamics 365 Sales and/or Marketing is helping us to deliver on our goals with the maximum ROI

Value Realisation Workshop

We’ll work closely with you to evaluate your existing Dynamics Sales and Marketing 365 footprint, your organisational goals and challenges and look for opportunities to help you get there faster.

Based on our sales and marketing digital transformation blueprint, which tailored to your specific needs and challenges this workshop gives you clear insight into how your Dynamics is contributing to your organisation’s goals. Our experts will work with you to form and prioritise initiatives and to build and plan for the next steps. We’ll evaluate the current knowledge, culture and skillset of your team to make adopting the full scope of Dynamics smooth and seamless.

You’ll leave the workshop with a tailored, detailed plan of how to realise the maximum value offered by Dynamics with expert support available as and when you need it.

Your goals, guided by Microsoft Catalyst

To make your goals in Dynamics a success, we follow the Microsoft Catalyst framework for a smooth delivery that ticks all the boxes.

The Microsoft Catalyst Framework is designed to simplify your digital transformation goals into a simple, actionable roadmap. We’ll work in partnership with you to build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies with this proven, innovative approach crafted by Microsoft.

Is your Dynamics data secure?

Your Dynamics environment is home to some of your most valuable data. So, to stay GDPR compliant and maintain the confidence of your customers, security is a top priority.

Find out how our security experts can help keep your data and identities secure.

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