Our Commitment to a Sustainable, Equitable World

Sustainability in all we do, and a better world for all we are.

We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

It’s not just the world’s biggest organisations who have a role to play in ensuring the sustainability and security of the planet. Organisations big and small are accountable for the impact they make on the world, and we take that responsibility to heart. 

Our values of Transformation, Partnership and Clarity can be seen in the decisions we make today, for the future of the planet and people. From empowering those who partner with us to take control of their environmental impact to addressing our own, we’re committed to building a better future, aided by the limitless potential of cloud technologies.

Our commitment: to build a better world for us all

From planet to people, we’re taking a holistic approach to addressing our social impact.  Take a look at our goals, progress to date and priorities going forward in our first annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact Report.

Our goals span across a range of priorities, including becoming carbon neutral, diversity and inclusion, expanding access to the technology industry with digital skills and apprenticeships, innovating and giving back.


Trees planted

Our progress: Transformational tech

From our partnership with the Woodland Trust to our Winning From Anywhere® approach to work, we’re taking strides to make our everyday greener.  

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with the Woodland Trust, for a greener cloud and more sustainable future.

Winning from Anywhere® is empowered by our trust-based culture and Microsoft technologies allowing us to do meaningful work sustainably.

Empowering customers

Cloud technology holds the potential to transform the way we do everything. We believe that an essential part of our social responsibility is empowering those who choose to partner us to hit their environmental goals.  

So, from optimising their cloud footprint to providing them with the insights and opportunities they need to cut emissions – we support our customers in every aspect of their cloud journey. Our Cloud Management Toolset was developed to empower users to stay in control of their cloud environment, from spend to CO2 emissions – all the information and tools you need are at your fingertips. 

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