Helping manufacturers build for the future with the latest Cloud technologies.

Modernise manufacturing with cloud technologies

We help forward-thinking manufacturers improve their processes and unlock efficiencies with Microsoft cloud technologies. Traditionally, manufacturing has maintained their infrastructure on-premises. Now, innovative manufacturing methods mean factories are becoming more productive, secure, and reliable with a reduced environmental impact.

Enterprise systems are key to the day-to-day operations at many manufacturing facilities as they manage essential processes, reporting and data. But some processes may fall outside of the capabilities of these core systems, creating inefficiencies. Bridge the gaps in your enterprise system and digitise paper-based processes by creating custom apps in PowerApps. Free up valuable time by automating simple, repetitive admin tasks with Power Automate.

Modern manufacturing equipment often collects production and operational data which can go overlooked and unused. Pull this data into visual, interactive dashboards in Power BI to get insights and export reports directly from the factory floor.

Attract the best office-based talent with flexible and remote working options. Enable on-premises and remote working staff to work closely together with Microsoft 365 and Teams, for instant, centralised communication.

As manufacturing becomes more digitized and connected, the potential risk of cyberattacks grows too. In recent years ransomware has emerged as a top method of data breaches in manufacturing according to the Verizon 2021 Data Breach report. Keep systems, data and machinery secure around the clock with Microsoft’s extensive security toolset and our fully managed security service.

“With Transparity coming on board, a well-defined Power Apps Governance structure was put in place along with customisation of our existing Centre of Excellence kit. This facilitated a foundation for restricting the creation of environments, performing an audit of connections, and implementing Data Loss Prevention policies. This approach allowed Collaboration Services to proactively reach out to app makers, support them, reduce sprawl and create a thriving community.”
Olalekan Sulaiman
Collaboration Services Manager McLaren

Manufacturing challenges & how we can help

Manufacturing businesses without robust cybersecurity measures are a target of cyberattacks, in 2021 92% of breaches were financially motivated.

How we can help

Keep your data and facilities secure with Microsoft’s security stack and our fully Managed Security Service.

Enterprise systems may not include essential processes that may use legacy systems or be paper-based, leaving internal processes disjointed and inefficient.

How we can help

Bridge the gaps to complement your Enterprise system and digitise processes by building bespoke low-code apps with PowerApps.

Like other industries, manufacturing is facing a push for more flexible working options for employees. In fact, 46% of the industry have enabled remote working.

How we can help

Attract a larger pool of office-based talent by enabling secure, collaborative remote working with Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Many businesses overlook the data collection capabilities of modern manufacturing equipment, missing out on operational and production insights.

How we can help

Import data from the factory floor into interactive dashboards and create quick reports in Power BI.

Our Manufacturing customers & case studies

LYNQ was in search of a Cloud-accessible option that would host their MES software solution for their customer base.

Transparity helped McLaren improve their Security and Governance with Power Apps, Power Automate and PowerBI.

Transparity used Microsoft Cloud solutions to create a more collaborative yet secure environment across Dyer & Butler's different divisions.

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