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Finance of the future

The finance sector is constantly going through rapid change in response to evolving consumer behaviour and disruptive, digital-native start-ups. To keep up and meet consumer demands, firms are embracing the latest digital solutions.

Whether you want to lead the way in customer service or offer an employee experience that attracts (and retains) the very best, our Microsoft solutions can be applied and integrated in a way that realises your vision.

We safeguard sensitive data and help firms maintain compliance and minimise the risk of data breaches with Microsoft’s security suite and the latest threat intelligence. Support remote working employees and enable secure collaboration with Microsoft 365 and Teams’ stringent security and compliance features.

Microsoft Cloud allows firms in the finance sector to transform the way they serve customers and fine-tune internal operations to deliver outstanding results.

“It has been a great experience working with the security engineers and successfully onboarding the Managed Security Service within our infrastructure and would highly recommend the service to any companies looking to enhance their security, and feel safe knowing Transparity MSS is protecting the infrastructure 24 hours a day.”
Amrit Bansal
IT Manager Blue Coast Capital

Financial services challenges & how we can help

High-value data puts finance firms at risk of internal and external cyber threats with personal data compromised in 83% of breaches according to Verizon’s 2021 report.

How we can help

Maintain compliance and limit the risk of a security event with our 24×7 Managed Security Service.

Modern customers demand easy, digital access to their information and investments as digital-native competitors shift the landscape of financial services.

How we can help

Provide customers with reliable access to their accounts with business scalability built-in by hosting services in Azure.

Firms are shifting to hybrid working as 69% report they expect the majority of their staff to work remotely every week, requiring stringent remote access security policies.

How we can help

Allow remote working while maintaining compliance and minimising cybersecurity risks with secure collaborative features in Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Disruptive FinTech companies are harnessing the potential of their data to access in-depth analytics to innovate and respond to customers’ evolving demands.

How we can help

Pull your data into interactive dashboards, easily pull reports and get an overview of key insights like net promoter score in Power BI.

Our finance customers & case studies

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The financial services industry has long been a target for cybercriminals hoping to access the sensitive and valuable information they hold.

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