Cloud Management Portal

Your game-changing online source of cloud service insights

Do you know how your Azure estate is performing?

Gain visibility across key areas like cost, security and sustainability to improve cloud management and unlock your cloud ROI

What does the platform look like?

The easy way to gain transparency and control

Intuitive to use and available 24/7, you can focus on the areas that matter most to your business – such as financial operations, sustainability or security – on-demand and with minimal effort.

A single pane of glass

Transparity’s intelligent Cloud Management Portal (CMP) delivers insights to you in one convenient, online pane of glass showcasing your Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

Always-On 24/7

You’ll always have peace of mind that you’re up to speed with the latest and most relevant information to plan your Azure management and governance.

Costs exceeding expectations

A lack of visibility into daily cloud expenditure dilutes accountability and delays action often because excess spend isn't discovered until the bills are analysed, sometimes months after the fact lowering confidence in cloud ROI.

FinOps Analytics

Take charge of your cloud costs with our spend insights, budget controls and alerting, tailored to your business DNA enabling you set accountability and govern with confidence

Security flaws go unnoticed

Security is often thought about after deployment or configuration meaning vulnerabilities exist in your environment until you actively find them. This can increase the risk of attackers breaching your environment using vulnerabilities you don't know you have.

Security Analytics

Assess your current security position and track it to ensure you stay protected. Identify specific areas of strength and weakness in order to make necessary improvements according to priority.

High carbon costs

Many industries are introducing regulations around sustainability where visibility of IT carbon costs is opaque, distorted, or requires special technical skills to acquire making it difficult to comply.

Sustainability Analytics

Gain a clear, accurate view of your Azure carbon value. Define specific Azure emissions targets, then track them in real-time to monitor progress.

Inefficient fiscal and carbon costs

Lack of continuous monitoring in cloud environments can lead to inefficiencies over time which in turn can lead to excessive costs and energy consumption.

Optimisation Insights

Benefit from expert recommendations, provided in real-time and accessible 24/7 for you to constantly improve your Azure services to ensure optimal performance and value for money. This can be reviewed at regular intervals.

How do I access these features?

The portal and all its features are built-in to our Azure Managed Services.  All Azure CSP customers enjoy the base analytics features while managed service clients gain more advanced capability.

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