Adoption and Change Management

Empower your users to adopt new technology on their terms

Improve ROI by empowering your users

User adoption can often be an afterthought when planning and implementing cloud technologies. For organisations to enjoy a full return on their investment in cloud services, they must invest not only in the technical deployment and project management but also in managing the impact of the project on users.

Adoption and change management focuses on how the users and departments operate and supports the transition to new technologies. 

“I had a very successful two-day training session with Lauren on SharePoint. Prior to Sellar, I have never been exposed to SharePoint and did not know the purpose of it. Lauren explained all the features and tools of SharePoint thoroughly and we created a mock-up site together to get a better understanding of the site-building aspect. I feel very confident in editing our SharePoint in confidence and making it a user-friendly experience for all.”

Hatice Akbal, Office Manager at Sellar

Adoption and Change

Consultancy Services

A range of flexible services to help your users transition and transform the way they work

Our ACM Consultancy Services are designed to work seamlessly alongside the technical deployment workstreams. The service ensures users are supported through the transition, evolving the way they work on a daily basis to take advantage of the new technologies available to them.

We provide a range of delivery services that achieve this transformation, starting with a discovery workshop that will support your organisation through this journey.

End User Profiling

Increase your chances of engaging users first time by gaining invaluable knowledge of their work preferences. Discover insights into the way your users work, who they collaborate with, their current challenges, learning styles and communication preferences.

End User Communications

We will help you with communication planning, creation and execution for before, during and after rollout periods, keeping your users engaged and informed. Methods include awareness sessions, webinars, videos, info sheets, portals and more.

End User Education

Transparity can assist with educating your staff. We’ll help with planning and delivery before, during and after the rollout period with the use of presentations, demonstrations and supporting end-user guides.

Adoption Review

Transparity will help you review the usage stats of your new technology, allowing you to identify where and why adoption is low. This will help with your forward planning and encourage you to continually review and monitor your rollout, tweaking your methods as necessary.

Transparity TAP

A flexible learning portal where users can access information and learn on their terms. Designed with user experience in mind, the platform helps users embrace new technologies at their own pace, with courses and documentation readily available on demand.

Adoption and Change

Managed Services

An effective and proactive way to reinforce adoption throughout your cloud journey

Transparity’s Adoption & Change Managed Services provide an effective and proactive way to address and reinforce the business change associated with the transition to Microsoft Cloud services.

The Managed Service is made up of a range of individual service elements, which also offer customers the choice between two service levels (Standard and Premium), to support customers who have different needs and budgets.

Transitioning to the cloud is a journey for your end users, not just a one-time exercise or project. Our experts will offer reviews, support and reinforcement to help maximise your user adoption and return on your investment.

Benefits of our Managed Services

Change is a continuous cycle, especially in the world of technology. It is a significant area that requires focus and Transparity’s Adoption & Change Managers will strengthen your internal teams with activities to help support ongoing change, further encouraging and improving end user adoption.

Adoption and Change Manager

End User Adoption Review


End User & Champions Education

End User Impactive New Feature Updates

Training & Adoption Portal (TAP) Managed Services

Logo with words reading Transparity's Training and Adoption Portal

Transparity’s Training and Adoption Portal (TAP) ensures that you are getting the most out of your investment in Microsoft Cloud licensing by offering a flexible learning platform where users can access short, bitesize learning and information at their fingertips.

Want to know more?

Adoption and Change Discovery Workshop

An interactive workshop to introduce Adoption & Change Management (ACM) and provide you with insight and information as well as high-level planning, to offer you an overview of best practices for successful end user adoption.

Adoption Score Workshop

Learn how the Microsoft adoption score can help support you in transitioning to Microsoft Cloud services. We will help you understand the findings of your score and build recommendations that can be incorporated into your ongoing adoption activity.

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