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Communications have never been easier

Microsoft Teams sits at the heart of the day-to-day of modern workplaces. It’s your central tool for chats, calls, meetings and even file collaboration. Keep all your communication and collaboration under one roof, with a suite of features and apps to keep your work organised and your workflow smooth.

Transform every communication into a personalised, optimised experience. Make the most of your Teams licensing, gather insights and keep all your communications securely in one place. 

Modern work, meet modern communications

Microsoft Teams is by your side, at the centre of your day-to-day. It goes beyond basic chat features to encompass all you need to make hybrid work, work. 

As well as the instant chat feature, Teams brings you video meetings, file collaboration, and department channels to keep everything organised. Create channels for your department, link them up with Planner and assign tasks and deadlines to keep everything moving. 

We’ll get your Teams environment up and running tailored to your needs, so you can work your way. 

Which Microsoft Teams PSTN offering is right for you?

Say hello to truly personalised communications. A new era of customer service has arrived, and it puts customer experience at the centre of it all, leveraging the ever-expanding functionality that Microsoft offers.

Our Teams Voice solutions will transform customer communications, putting every interaction at your fingertips for every call, and giving peace of mind no matter which one of Microsoft Teams PSTN enablement routes you decide to take.

Powered by Microsoft, Transparity Teams Insights provides a comprehensive overview of the telephony estate. Fully customisable, the insights report can be adapted to meet the requirements of any business, large or small, helping to steer staffing via heat mapping, productivity of departments/staff, and customer experience through powerful visuals that can be drilled through for greater granularity. Our team of Modern Communications specialists is on hand to help your every need.

Make every call with Teams

We’ll provide the expert support and guidance you need to keep your teams in touch with colleagues and customers. With our Microsoft Teams Desk Phone Managed Service, you can make and answer calls with the tap of a screen, with the helping hand of our experts to keep your devices running smoothly. Give your teams the tools to keep in touch. 

Meeting rooms, modernised

With the modern world of work comes the modern world of meetings. Keep teams engaged, productive and collaborative with Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms supported by our managed service. From maintaining your meeting room performance to expert support and strategic planning, our managed service is there to keep you moving forward. 

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