Microsoft Catalyst Services

Picture and plan your most ambitious priorities with Transparity’s Microsoft Catalyst services

The Microsoft Catalyst Framework is designed to simplify your digital transformation goals into a simple, actionable roadmap.

Build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies with a proven, innovative approach crafted by Microsoft. Microsoft Catalyst helps you envision and plan the next step in your digital transformation so you can achieve your business goals with an exceptional ROI – all powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft Cloud.

The framework is ideal for organisations at any stage of their transformation journey. Our dedicated experts will work closely with you to deliver the business value and outcomes you need.

The Microsoft Catalyst Framework

Business transformation starts with an I.D.E.A.


Start by finding the transformation strategy that’s right for you. Define and prioritize your strategy using development activities, then foster ideation and drive decision making with an envisioning workshop.


Next, build a compelling case for change by discussing business and technological impact. During this, you’ll quantify the ROI and financial benefits that include revenue growth, cost savings, and employee efficiencies.


Help others across your organisation see the value in your business transformation story by creating visual assets and immersive experiences—promoting buy-in and getting alignment on commitments.


In this final stage, go from envisioning to execution. Bring in the resources you need to execute your strategy and carry out your business transformation across departments—and then measure its success

Our I.D.E.A Workshops


Imagine where you could go with the power of Microsoft Cloud.


Make a plan for digital transformation success with the tech you need to get you there.


Empower your team to hit their goals with transformational tech.

Why Transparity Dynamics

Transparity is home to a team of Dynamics experts who will work with you to implement solutions that transform the way you work, so you can win bigger and sell more.

When you work with us, not only do you gain access to experts in Dynamics and Power Platform, you also have access to a supporting team with expertise spanning the full Microsoft stack. That means whatever your goals are with Microsoft, we can help you get there.

Our friendly team of experts truly understand the challenges of the sales and marketing world and how Microsoft technologies can help you grow bigger, better, faster. We know you’ll love working with us.


What is Microsoft Catalyst?

Microsoft Catalyst refers to a framework (the IDEA framework) of activities designed to help organisations preparing for some sort of digital transformation.

The solution employs an innovative approach to help businesses build, plan, and execute transformations.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Catalyst?

  • It helps businesses understand their current state, identify challenges, and state objectives
  • The Catalyst roadmap is realistic, taking into account technical feasibility and financial viability
  • Each stage of the framework is specially designed to help organisations move closer to achieving their transformation
  • It offers an engaging way to envision the future of an organisation
  • It encourages curiosity and design thinking principles, prompting creative solutions
  • It involves identifying the most valuable opportunities, meaning businesses are spending their time wisely
  • It encourages collaboration between different business stakeholders, helping align goals and highlight inconsistencies for a cohesive plan

What other business applications services do we offer?

In addition to Microsoft Catalyst services, we also offer:

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