Transparity Sets the Bar High in First Annual ESG Report

We’re pleased to announce the release of our first annual ESG impact report. This Impact report demonstrates our ongoing commitment to having a positive impact across the environmental, social and governance framework. We commissioned Sustainable-Advantage to undertake an independent review and work with us on developing our plans for contributing to a fairer, greener world. Where everyone can reach their potential.

The report outlines our journey to date and documents a range of specific objectives we’re committed to reaching over the course of the next year and beyond. We strongly believe this report underlines our belief that our culture differentiates us. These objectives are aligned with our values and span environmental, social and governance goals, with clear measurement and accountability built in. We’re proud signatories of the Microsoft Partner Pledge, which demonstrates our alignment with Microsoft’s vision of the role of powerfully transformative technology and its potential for good. Our aims also intersect with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals which include eliminating poverty, gender equality and climate action.

We take an integrated approach to our sustainability commitments, implementing ESG best practice across our business operations to positively influence our people, customers and communities while minimising our environmental impact. We know we can’t do it alone, so we’ve engaged with and considered clients, colleagues, communities, and our investors in crafting our ESG Report and will continue to do so as we grow and surpass our goals.

A great example of this approach is our partnership with The Woodland Trust which is directly aligned to re-enforce our commitment to a Winning from Anywhere® working model which is inclusive, flexible-working and sustainable.

We are aiming for an ‘excellent’ rating in our next review and look forward to sharing the results with you in next year’s report!

“We remain committed to improving continuously in our approach to embedding environmental, social and governance activities (ESG) and are delighted to be reporting on our activities for the first time this year. As ever, there is always more to be done, and we look forward to continued success for our people, clients, partners, as well as the stakeholders and communities in which we operate.”

David Jobbins, CEO at Transparity

“It has been a real privilege to work with our great teams in co-ordinating this review and highlighting the great work they do across our organisation. Bringing our mission and values to life”

Neil Tune, Chief People + Culture Officer

Download our ESG Impact Report

Take a look at our goals, progress to date and priorities going forward in our first annual ESG Impact Report.
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