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About Lantra

Lantra has over 40 years’ experience providing quality training and nationally recognised qualifications for land-based industries across the UK and Ireland. They’re the only awarding organisation which offers a one-stop shop, guiding trainees from entry level all the way through to expert, giving employers and learners the skills they need to work safely and productively.

The challenge

Lantra were looking for technical guidance to move to the cloud and remove their dependency on their legacy on-premises infrastructure. They weren’t happy with their existing supplier and were looking for a Microsoft Partner that could offer the long-term support and guidance of a true partnership, as well as the technical expertise they needed.

Lantra found us through one of our very own Azure architects and member of #TeamTransparity and decided to choose us as their trusted partner. The team at Lantra chose to work with us because of our extensive Microsoft expertise, professionalism and supportive culture.

The solution

We proposed a full Microsoft Azure migration, to remove their reliance on their on-premises servers and switch to the scalability and security of the cloud. From there, we deployed Azure Files and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and implemented Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Microsoft Defender for Business to boost their endpoint security.

Due to the Azure migration, Lantra dramatically reduced the maintenance burden on their IT team by eliminating the need to update, patch and manage on-premises servers. By deploying Azure Files and AVD, Lantra’s team can embrace remote and hybrid working and access their files and desktop securely from anywhere. Plus, by hosting their files and desktops centrally in the cloud, they’ve further minimised their IT maintenance and overheads, freeing up more time for looking at the bigger picture.

To improve Lantra’s security posture we implemented multi-factor authentication and Defender for Business across the organisation. MFA is an essential layer of security that’s simple for users to get up and reduces the risk of unauthorised access.

To improve Lantra’s security posture further, we replaced their existing third-party security software with Microsoft’s Defender for Business. This offered Lantra’s IT team an enterprise-grade suite of endpoint security software at a cost-effective rate. Powered by AI, it secures all of Lantra’s devices wherever they are and makes managing alerts simple for their IT team.

The outcome

As a result of the project, Lantra has a scalable, remote-ready environment to manage their desktops and files. Plus, their security is improved dramatically with the tools and support from our experts they need to keep their endpoints secure.

By shifting to the cloud, Lantra has cut back on their real estate footprint previously taken up by their on-premises equipment – saving them money and time. Now, their team can work remotely and collaborate in real time, on secure endpoint devices. They’ve reduced the number of third-party tools, moving to solutions within Microsoft’s technology stack, simplifying and consolidating their licensing.

“It’s been fantastic to work with the team at Transparity – they’ve been outstanding throughout every step of the project. They’ve supported our move to Azure and helped us improve our security, and their expert team are always on hand to answer any questions or help out. I’m happy to recommend Transparity as our Microsoft partner of choice.”

Richard Crompton, Head of IT at Lantra

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