Managed Security

A 24×7 Security Operations Centre that protects your organisation proactively, significantly reducing the risk of cyber attacks.

Securing your critical resources.

Transparity believe that Perimeter Defence models for your IT infrastructure are no longer sufficient, and consider the requirement for a traditional, reactive Security Operations Centre to be the bare minimum for your organisation’s security needs. That’s why our SOC is built on three core security principles ; Zero Trust (never trust, always verify), Least Privilege (provide only the access required, and only for the duration needed) and Assume Breach (always assume users or systems will fail). It’s also manned 24×7 by cyber security experts and unlike most other SOCs, we proactively monitor and improve our customers’ security postures. We then analyse, respond to and remediate any security incidents detected.


Transparity’s Managed Security Service leverages Microsoft Sentinel; Microsoft’s best-in-class, Cloud-native SIEM. It provides overarching security management, harvesting enriched signalling and telemetry data from all of your critical resources – not just from Azure and Microsoft 365 – correlating alerts from disparate sources and products to provide highly-accurate incident detection. These incidents provide our SOC with a detailed understanding of the threat timeline, point of entry, entities involved and impact.


Additionally, when you entrust your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licences to us you will receive our inclusive Standard Support Service from our team of Cloud specialists for all your Microsoft Cloud Services that are licensed through Transparity. There’s also the option to upgrade to our Advanced and Premium Services where desired.

Continuous improvement

We don’t believe in “set and forget”; your infrastructure will be continually evaluated against industry-standard security best practices, plus our Security Analysts will perform proactive threat hunting.

SOC Capability

Our dedicated Security Incident and Response Team will monitor your organisation 24x7x365, investigating and mitigating threats as they occur. We’ll also implement a remediation and recovery plan if necessary, with rapid escalation to Microsoft if required.

Alignment to our evergreen blueprint

Derived from industry best practices and our highly-skilled analysts’ experience, Transparity’s “Secure by Design” blueprint offers recommended settings which are continually reviewed and evaluated.

Equal protection for all resources

Transparity will monitor internal and external attack vectors, protecting your users and resources across Microsoft Azure and M365, as well as third-party Cloud, on-premises and Private Cloud workloads.

Vulnerability assessment and management

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will continually scan your devices and report on any threats detected. A monthly external scan of your public-facing resources will be performed using Tenable’s Nessus, with a remediation plan generated if any vulnerabilities are detected.

Best-of-breed tooling

We utilise leading-edge Microsoft-centric security products, incorporating constantly-evolving AI and Machine Learning, plus Microsoft Graph Security API to improve threat protection, detection, and response capabilities.

Threat intelligence

Transparity’s Security Analysts constantly review a wide range of security feeds to detect new threats, making sure you are protected even against zero-day threats.

Unrivalled end-to-end integration

Delivered by Microsoft’s XDR Defender products and Microsoft Sentinel SIEM, alerts and incidents are created directly into our Datto Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform.

Want to know more?

Talk to Transparity about a complimentary Managed Security workshop, tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. One of our security experts will discuss with you how a combination of Microsoft Cloud Security solutions and our Managed Security Service will help you create and maintain an excellent security posture, leaving you with a modern and ultra-secure infrastructure. With elite accreditations in Cloud Security – Microsoft Advanced Specialisations in Threat Protection, and Identity and Access Management – as well as the Security Gold Partner accreditation, we have the expertise to keep you secure.

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