Azure Development Platform

Today, both application development and modernisation involve a journey to the cloud – be it hybrid, public or private cloud applications.

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Azure Development Services

As an Azure development partner, Transparity delivers software engineering in the cloud and is committed to developing Azure applications to drive efficiency, save on costs and provide the widest choice of intelligent services as you transform the way you do business.

Azure Development

Transparity develops, re-engineers, deploys and manages enterprise applications in the cloud. As an Azure partner and leading professionals, our suite of comprehensive services enables speed to market, scalability and futureproofing for business-critical applications. We’d like you to consider us your Azure outsourcing team.

Azure Consulting

Our Azure developers are industry veterans and experts in the features and technology of Microsoft. Engage our Azure team for small projects such as advice, risk management review or licencing assessments; or a full Azure development team for larger engagements such as proof of concept or application failure resolution.

Azure Support

As an Azure practice, we can provide ongoing Azure application support for custom software whether we built it or it's an existing system. We are fully qualified software engineers, not helpdesk staff. That means our support team will be very familiar with the technology used and be able to provide the expertise you need, when you need it.

Azure Resourcing

Increase the capacity of your in-house team for custom Azure development with our expert team augmentation. Take our Microsoft partner expertise and give your team the boost required to get your Azure development completed. If you are tight for deadlines or taking on a larger project than normal in-house, this is a simple and fast solution.

Azure Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing saves money by allowing applications to be developed and deployed with no reference to actual servers. The days when a physical computer needed to be commissioned with Windows installed and configured were followed by Virtual Machines (VMs). VMs were a great innovation, but they were still servers that needed to be patched, backed up and managed.

Our Azure Development team can help with

  • ASP.NET Web API – develop REST APIs for web applications and other services to consume.
  • Angular/React Single Page Apps – develop single page applications (SPA) by dynamically rewriting the current web page with new data from a server, instead of loading an entirely new page.
  • Azure App Services – build scalable web applications to give the end-user access to the back-end data and logic.
  • Azure Storage – replace on-premises file shares with scalable and cheap storage in the cloud, opening access to APIs and end-users as needed.
  • Azure SQL Database & Azure Cosmos DB – providing seamless scaling and global replication for your SQL and non-SQL data.
  • Azure Active Directory and Azure B2C – authorising access to your applications and services in the cloud with Microsoft’s best practices in security.

This is our Azure developers’ preferred architecture for modern application development in the cloud.

Azure Containers

Azure also supports Containers, such as Docker, which are the latest form of virtualisation. These lightweight virtual machines contain parts of larger applications and can be rapidly deployed and managed independently to deliver microservices architecture.

Containerised applications can be developed and managed faster with Azure. As an Azure development house, Transparity uses containers to isolate software from its surroundings and provide non-conflicting environments across teams.

Our Azure development team can help you with:

  • Azure Container Registry – store and manage container images in a central registry.
  • Azure Container Instance – quickly launch containers with hypervisor isolation.
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) – provision clusters of containers using a highly available, secure and fully managed Kubernetes service.
  • Azure Containers Apps – a fully managed serverless container service.
  • Docker – use a leading container platform that is truly independent between apps and infrastructure.
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Proud to be recognised as trusted partners

We’re proud to hold all six Microsoft Partner Designations and Azure Expert MSP status, firmly placing Transparity amongst the most accredited Microsoft Partners in the world.  

With decades of combined experience our industry-leading technical experts pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer outcomes and creating long-term partnerships.

App Innovation Customer Stories

The availability and performance of a large and complex healthcare management system is the foundation for 'end user service levels. CHT moved their development and support to Transparity at the beginning of the year and improved results have been immediate.

As AppCan’s client base expands, some users required specific functionality. In this case, AppCan was approached by an existing client – a large gas services company – looking for a development partner as it had won the delivery lead framework contract bid for London.

Cornerstone was in the process of implementing an IT system that would manage their entire estate (circa 21,000 sites). This system needed to contain all details of the estate and ensure a greater level of automation could be achieved between Cornerstone, its customers and suppliers.

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