Azure Migration and Modernisation Programme

An easy route to migrate and modernise to Azure

If you are planning to migrate or modernise your infrastructure, desktops, apps or data, you may qualify for Microsoft funding to help you on your journey. * 

As an Azure Expert MSP, Transparity has access to the Azure Migrate and Modernise funding (AMM). Previously known as Azure Migration and Modernisation Programme (AMMP), we can utilise this programme to help our customers leverage a significant level of funding to accelerate their move to the cloud! 

Together we can use this programme to boost your cloud journey with the right mix of best-practice guidance, resources, and expert help at every stage. We can meet you wherever you are in the process and help you move forward with confidence – right from planning the move to making it happen successfully. 

* Eligibility is based on defined qualification criteria which Microsoft may withdraw or change at any point. There is a minimum license threshold to qualify for funding, incentives, assessments or workshops. 

Use this simple calculator to see if your organisation qualifies for funding. 
Thanks for answering those quick questions. If you can provide us with a few details, we can let you know what Azure incentives and funding we can leverage for you!

Helping you move forward with confidence

The following workshops are included in the Azure Migration and Modernisation Programme, our experts will help you select which ones are suitable for your organisation. Take a look at what each one includes:

Strategy & Plan CAF Workshop

This workshop, aligned to Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF), can help you define your cloud strategy and creating a business case for moving to the cloud, as well as promoting organisation alignment with key stakeholders on the cloud adoption roadmap.

Ready & Govern CAF Workshop

This workshop, aligned to Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF), includes an overview of Azure landing zones, cloud operating models, Azure landing zones design areas, implementation options and governance principles, with the goal of providing a hands-on experience of designing a landing zone.

Azure Arc Envisioning Workshop

This workshop, aligned to the Hybrid and Multicloud CAF includes an overview of Azure Arc, onboarding Kubernetes clusters to Azure Arc and deployment of Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instances with the goal of providing hands-on experience.

Greenfield/Refactored App Envisioning and Rapid Prototyping Workshop

This workshop covers envisioning and rapid prototyping of a greenfield or refactored application on Azure. The scope includes capturing business and technical requirements as well as delivery of a rapid prototype to showcase potential features and functionality.

App Innovation Business Discovery Workshop

This workshop, aligned to the planning stage, will uncover and document your key business priorities and desired outcomes. Based on this information, we will provide a recommended data and application transformation roadmap leveraging Microsoft Azure application innovation to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Greenfield/Refactored App Solution Architecture Workshop

This workshop delivers a detailed solution architecture design for a custom application using Azure cloud-native app development services (eg. AKS, Container Apps, Functions, Logic Apps, App Service, etc.). You may use this workshop to develop the detailed architecture and Azure cost estimates for a greenfield application, or for scenarios where a legacy application is being refactored or re-architected for a cloud-native architecture on Azure.

App and Database Modernization Pilot/PoC with Optional Foundational Landing Zone  

The project includes scoping, planning, and executing a Pilot or Proof of Concept (PoC) of selected apps to Azure, helping you evaluate Azure capabilities and deployment options, whether building new apps or modernising existing apps hosted on-premises, 3rd party hosted or in other clouds (e.g. AWS or GCP). The modernisation plan will identify the in-scope applications and map the target destination for each of the application and database components. 

Why Transparity as your Microsoft Azure Partner and Cloud Solution Provider?

  • We’re an Azure Expert MSP, an award only given to the most capable and knowledgeable Azure experts.
  • Our direct relationship with Microsoft as an Azure CSP gives you access to enterprise-grade CSP customer benefits.
  • Our multiple solution partner designations within Azure give you unprecedented access to Microsoft funding through the Azure Migration and Modernisation Program
  • We follow the Cloud Adoption Framework for migration, adhering to Microsoft’s best-practice standards.
  • Our partner practices in Data, App Innovation and Security mean with one provider you have true Azure deeply focussed experts, no matter your problem.
Azure Expert MSP

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