Bespoke Software Development

A primary focus of our work is developing brand-new custom software applications for organisations and enterprises. We take our clients ideas and requirements and turn them into operational and vital business systems.

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Custom Software Development Specialists

As a Microsoft Partner, Transparity specialises in custom software development for the Microsoft Platform, building bespoke modern cloud-based applications.

Helping organisations improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge. These include new systems for mid-size and large enterprises, non-profit and the public sector, and also for start-ups. As Azure experts, we are perfectly placed to develop your custom software with the most modern technology available.

“People didn’t think this type of connectivity was possible within this budget, but through the quality of engineering of Transparity, the quality of the development team fronted up with the PM alongside the APPCAN input in terms of UAT and direction, we successfully delivered on time and in budget as stated” 

Co-Founder & Director APPCAN

Benefits of Transparity’s Software Development Services

Benefits of choosing our software development services include:

  • Personalisation: Get solutions tailored to your organisation so you’re prepared to face each unique challenge
  • Cost-effective: Custom solutions are often more cost-effective in the long run, and are less expensive to scale
  • Scalability and flexibility: Custom software solutions are flexible and easy to scale
  • Security and reliability: All our bespoke software solutions meet the highest security standards, and undergo rigorous testing for reliability
  • Support and maintenance: Our support team are always on hand to support you going forward
  • Increased productivity: Custom software will improve productivity and efficiency, giving you an edge over your competitors
  • Collaboration: Make it easy for your team to collaborate, wherever they are

Improved decision-making: Get real-time data and make data-driven decisions

Flexible Custom Software Solutions

As well as fully cloud-native applications, we are in place to help you with on-premise or hybrid development, mobile solutions or bespoke desktop applications.

Web Development

Modern web applications hosted in Azure or a data centre delivers secure access to users wherever they are. This enables staff to work from any location seamlessly, and clients to access data and interact with your organisation directly, providing greater efficiency and economy for scale and growth.

Mobile Development

A bespoke mobile application can help your organisation’s efficiency, increase collaboration and provide real-time data to improve information delivery to your staff and customers. Key to this is Xamarin technology, allowing rapid cross-platform development of mobile applications for iOS and Android applications.

Desktop Development

There is still the need in some circumstances for desktop or local network-based new custom software applications. For example, systems that need to operate offline for extended periods – such as developing country field-operations, or charities working in remote regions. Transparity can cater for all development requirements.

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Elevating User Experience Through AI-Driven App Development

Imagine a future where apps not only respond to user needs but anticipate them with uncanny accuracy — this is the power artificial intelligence (AI) brings to app development today. No longer a futuristic concept, AI has become a cornerstone in modern app design, elevating user experiences to unprecedented levels. That said, AI’s rapidly evolving role in app development is making businesses encounter a new set of standards and expectations. 

For decision-makers contemplating the integration of AI into their applications, the journey might seem daunting. Concerns around implementation complexities and return on investment (ROI) are far from rare. However, with Azure Cognitive Services, the path to enhancing customer experiences through intelligent app functionalities becomes clear and attainable. This whitepaper aims to demystify the integration process, highlight the tangible benefits of AI-powered apps, and showcase how Azure Cognitive Services can be the catalyst for creating more engaging, intuitive, and satisfying user journeys 

Our Software Development Process

Our management team is hands-on, your Project Manager always keeps you informed, and your delivery team are all Microsoft experts, doing what they do best.

When we develop bespoke software for you, we’d like you to think of us as a partner – your flexible outsourced IT partner. Here for you, at every stage of the software engineering journey.

Software development process:

  • Scoping
  • Design
  • Environment configuration and CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Deployment) covering automated deployments to TEST, UAT and LIVE
  • Development – Software Engineering
  • Documentation
  • Sprint planning & reviews
  • Testing, manual and automated
  • UAT testing support

After custom software development projects are delivered, we offer:

  • Mentoring and handover to your internal tech team if required
  • Optional ongoing support for your system, in line with a Service Level Agreement
  • Azure hosting, Managed Services and licensing, if required

Our flexible approach

Flexible Development is our own unique delivery method and describes a practical blend of waterfall and agile software development, and with it, we are guaranteeing our expertise, honesty and partnership to deliver successful project outcomes, on time and in budget.

Development and support of cloud-based software is core to our business and has been since the move to browser-based software systems.

Our pioneering work includes online enterprise business systems developed for the likes of GE, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, and many more. This expertise continues today with a focus on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and supporting all aspects of migrating custom-developed enterprise business systems to Azure.

Our specialisation is the design, development and integration of custom enterprise software systems. We focus our expertise on Microsoft .NET and SQL and Azure cloud application development.

On-premises based software remains a vital requirement today, particularly where specific security or legislative requirements demand it.

Also, there remains a legacy of working enterprise systems deployed on-premises, which will continue to require enhancements, upgrades and support for the foreseeable future, saving the costs of replacement. We continue to develop, enhance and support enterprise systems for on-premises deployment, for clients including the NHS, Transport for London and other public institutions.

Application modernisation is the redevelopment or enhancement of legacy software systems to align them with changing business needs in order to create renewed and future business value from existing applications. Transparity is an expert in consulting on implementing application modernisation programmes so that on-premises systems continue to deliver value and save on the costs of replacement. Application modernisation programmes can also include integrating legacy systems with new online systems (such as Microsoft Navision, Salesforce, etc.), as a hybrid solution.

Mobile functionality is now central to many, if not most new custom business systems.

Enabling mobile and distributed staff as well as external clients and partners to access systems, view data, and interact with them has become crucially important for business efficiency. In fact, today, in most cases we ensure our new-build systems are natively mobile-enabled from the outset.

Key to this is Xamarin technology, allowing rapid cross-platform development of mobile applications. And where required, we can also develop native iOS and Android applications.

Hybrid systems refer to an amalgamation of public and/or private cloud systems, on-premises systems or a combination of these. Connected, they provide interoperability, access, and visibility of data and business collaboration.

The key value of hybrid systems is retaining existing deeply embedded and highly valuable back-office systems, and adding cloud systems ‘on top’ of these to enable extended functionality and data visibility. Most systems can be connected using API or other functionality, and where appropriate, Azure Integration Services and/or BizTalk Server provides a full enterprise connectivity layer to deliver massively complex systems integrations.

As one of the leading experts in Azure Integration Services and Microsoft BizTalk Server in the UK, Transparity is one of the very few select companies that can fully support a hybrid enterprise system. We do this with our consultancy, project, and team augmentation services.

Proud to be recognised as trusted partners

We’re proud to hold all six Microsoft Partner Designations and Azure Expert MSP status, firmly placing Transparity amongst the most accredited Microsoft Partners in the world.  

With decades of combined experience our industry-leading technical experts pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer outcomes and creating long-term partnerships.

App Development Customer Stories

Stark needed to develop highly complex middleware that could interface its M&T software to the electricity data network.

After the success of the fully bespoke build of Capital Tracker, a cutting-edge cloud enterprise application developed for managing Private Equity funds, IPES continued their longstanding relationship with Transparity on the build of The ID Register.

Students needed a central place to find consistent information about the University, such as courses and items of personal interest. Their course timetables, modules, exams, fee payments and other important information were all held in different University computer systems and all this information needed to be made available quickly and efficiently.


What is custom software?

Custom software refers to software applications specifically developed to meet a particular organisation’s requirements. For instance, companies in the financial sector would benefit from software designed to help them manage their customer data, records of financial transactions, and so on.

Does my company need custom software?

Custom software helps businesses improve processes, increase efficiency, and gain an edge over competitors. Any business looking to increase collaboration, automate daily tasks, optimise business functions, and streamline processes will benefit from custom software solutions.

What is the software development life cycle?

The software development life cycle describes the activities, tasks, and processes involved with software development. It includes:

  • Ideation and planning: The early stages involve coming up with ideas, determining the best type of methodologies to use, planning the scope of the project, and so on.
  • Feasibility analysis: This involves requirement gathering (gathering details in the project’s requirements from the client), requirement analysis (analysing data from the previous stage), and documentation (putting the finalised plan into a contract).
  • Design: Preparing design documents for stakeholders to review
  • Coding and implementation: Here, developers generate source code that meet the design requirements in the previous phase
  • Testing: A variety of tests designed to see if the software is functional and bug-free
  • Deployment: The software is deployed on the cloud, allowing the client to try it and offer feedback
  • Operations and maintenance: Feedback from the previous stage is used to inform upgrades to features and performance
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