Microsoft Productivity Score is dead, long live Adoption Score!

Microsoft Productivity Score is dead, long live Adoption Score!

In line with Microsoft’s recent efforts to address productivity paranoia, they have recently improved and renamed their Microsoft Productivity Score tool to Microsoft Adoption Score.

Although organisations are rightly encouraged to move away from presenteeism, micromanagement and other toxic hangovers from pre-pandemic days – they may find it hard to support their workforce in maintaining productivity without data that gives them insights into how people use IT.

Score is a dashboard found under Reports in the Microsoft Admin Center that shows aggregated user telemetry, or “signals”. Signals are generated when you send an email (with or without an attachment), make a Teams call, save a file to OneDrive and a host of other actions across

The data is anonymised and aggregated into an overall score, expressed as a percentage. The idea isn’t to score 100%, but instead to take their first reading as a baseline and then to incrementally improve the score with change management interventions that support business goals.

To help make sense of the overall percentage, the score is broken down into “experiences”, or categories of user activity, which are grouped as follows.

  • Communication
  • Meetings
  • Content collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Mobility

Each category has a primary insight that is used for the scoring, and one or more non-scored insights that can be used to guide improvements.

Take the Communication category as an example.

This primary insight tells us that 2,284 out of 2,445 users with Office 365 licenses are using more than one communication mode. Whether this is good or not depends on what the organisation is trying to achieve, and of course in relation the baseline scores, for which the tool has a 180-day trend graph built in. The peer benchmark shows how your score compares to your industry average and the resources link opens the added insights, e.g., the statistics for emails sent vs. Teams messages and Yammer postings.

The Adoption Score dashboard is available to a variety of administrative roles, from Global admin right down to Report Readers and the purpose-built Usage Summary Reports Reader role, which is what I’d recommend you use.

If you’d like to know more about how Transparity’s Adoption and Change Management services can help you interpret and improve your Adoption Score please contact us.

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