frontline workers win from anywhere with Microsoft Teams apps

Helping our Frontline Workforce Win from Anywhere

Frontline workers around the world perform vital roles and provide essential services to customers. They make up a significant portion of the overall global workforce, across a wide variety of sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare, production, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. Their contribution is critical to economic and individual wellbeing.


So, it’s a key priority for organisations’ management teams to keep their frontline employees safe, protected, motivated, and up to speed with the latest information and tools they rely on to do their jobs effectively.


This has always been a challenge – but pandemic conditions have made it even more difficult. For example, traditional, scheduled workplace communications don’t work for remote, deskless employees. Managers have had to improvise to find better ways to connect with individual employees, to make sure they are fully informed about critical activity and ensure they always have access to important documentation, policies, procedures, and other relevant resources.


Increasing productivity through technology

Technology is invaluable as a vehicle to make this happen – and Microsoft Teams is leading the way. It includes a host of innovative functions and features designed to improve productivity, collaboration and convenience for frontline employees regardless of their location, profession or role.


What’s more, many of these capabilities can be customised to suit their specific needs – ensuring customer service excellence and compliance.


Teams is easy to use, in any environment. It’s mobile-friendly and intuitive. Constant updates and improvements mean you always have the confidence you’re working with the latest technology. Added enhancements like headsets and voice commands also help frontline staff describe and share what they see, without having to type information: leaving their hands free for other important tasks.


Meanwhile, behind the scenes, managerial admins and corporate teams can accurately measure employee activity and understand how customers have engaged, which services work best, and lots more insights to help them optimise and evolve the way they work while supporting frontline workers effectively.


Based on these analytics, certain common and repeatable processes can increasingly be automated or simplified through Teams, which frees up staff to focus on other critical areas.


Timesheets, for example, can be easily managed using fixed rules to calculate when individual employees clock in and out for shifts, all without needing manual approval from managers. Then, the appropriate people can be authorised to update and amend shift patterns and approve time off on an ongoing basis, with the touch of a button.


Operational teams can look after their day-to-day tasks in one place, together, and align activity with other departments in real-time.


An SMS sign-in facility enables people to access their work accounts easily without the hassle of entering usernames or passwords for Microsoft applications. Workers can share mobile devices between shifts without compromising security, using their own profile and access codes.


It all adds up to a smarter, more streamlined way to work for the people that need it most.


By bringing the tools frontline workers depend on directly into the palms of their hands, Microsoft Teams empowers your entire workforce through one single platform.


To find out more about how Transparity can help you experience a smarter, more convenient way of working using the power of Microsoft Teams, click below to book a discovery call.

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