Building the Business Case for Outsourced Security

Whether you’re already looking to outsource your security or wondering if you should, this guide walks through the commercial considerations, pros and cons.

Why and how to SOC it to ‘em – Real-world reasons, thinking, and guidance for outsourcing your SOC and building a cohesive business case for doing so.

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Blanket security or security blanket?

6 pillars of SOC

Explore the 6 pillars of a commercial business case from cost to the skills gap and compliance.

An evidence-based

Discover the threat landscape in 2023, and how proactive threat intelligence and dedicated security experts can help.

blind spots

Avoid security risks you didn't know you had, with consolidated tooling that answers business leaders' challenges.

Every day, our customers trust us to keep their organisation secure.

As a leading cyber security agency in the UK, businesses trust us to keep them secure against new and emerging threats. Our cutting edge threat intelligence and proactive approach to cyber security has allowed us to develop long-term relationships with customers who trust us with their most vital assets every day.

As part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and Microsoft XDR verified status with six Microsoft Partner Solution Designations, 12 Advanced Specialisations and Azure Expert MSP status – Transparity is a Microsoft powerhouse.

Ready to take your security to the next level?

From deploying and managing complex Microsoft Security tooling to in-depth assessments, lending a helping hand on technical projects or 24/7 defence and strengthening – our team has the expertise and experience to complement yours and give you confidence in your security posture.

Customer Stories

We deployed our fully Managed Security Service for EO Group to give them cybersecurity peace of mind, day and night.

How leading awarding organisation Lantra have transformed their remote working and strengthened their security posture with Microsoft and Transparity.

How Identity leveraged their existing licensing to safeguard and expedite their onboarding process, allowing them to scale-up quickly and securely

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