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About TSS

Providing universal security solutions to service high-profile retail clients throughout the United Kingdom, TSS were already recognised as a leading supplier of security services to many national premises. However, general analysis efforts that sought to inform future strategies were often time and resource-expensive, involving complex manual processes that introduced Data Silos and lengthy processes. 

Our data consultancy work with TSS began when they expressed the wish to move towards a more intelligent and efficient solution for their data. By shifting from a simplified, manual approach to an optimised, data-driven culture, TSS aimed to advance their current data strategy towards a smarter, flexible solution that would allow them to develop their client-facing solutions in line with their digital strategy. 

The challenge

Before beginning to work on this project, we felt it was vital that we examined the existing processes and framework that TSS utilised. This would aid us in understanding how best to support the TSS digital transformation plans within the existing landscape, as well as how to generate the most value possible. 

We found that TSS had many separate databases within operations. Disparate source data resulted in challenges we commonly encounter with the collation, analysis, and visualisation of data being difficult or time-consuming. 

These slower processes also resulted in teams devoting less time to what matters for clients. As a result, we knew that the solution we built with TSS must provide an overarching view of all operations, as well as being rapidly adaptable to deal with outliers and client-specific operational challenges. This would help enable the core objective of providing the best service possible to their clients. 

The solution

Removing Data Silos 

Data Silos are often found in organisations where manual processes and data management or governance principles need to be refined. The complexities in organisations that have many solutions to support operations also contribute to this problem. 

These small packets of information are often kept separate from an overarching data landscape, and can lead to many challenges when attempting to migrate to a smarter, more advanced data strategy. 

Most notably, Data Silos that originate in manual processes reduce visibility and introduce unwanted bias – creating barriers and reducing the overall efficiency of operations. 

As these packets of information remain separate from other datasets, they may skew results gained from analysis and BI efforts, preventing an overarching view of complete datasets. 

Limiting the visibility of complete datasets can pose risks for enterprises, missing out on optimised analysis of key business processes or possible areas of investment. 

Implementing a Data Warehouse 

Establishing a single source of truth through the implementation of a Data Warehouse is essential in reducing the risks of Data Silos permeating or being maintained. 

Through establishing a single location that contains all necessary, structured data in a defined and consistent manner, alongside communicating the need for data management principles to be enforced throughout the entire organisation, we were able to eliminate these Data Silos and manual processes. This, in turn, helped TSS to drive their strategic data objectives, supporting client services. 

Introducing Power BI for visualisation capabilities 

After the implementation of a streamlined and overarching Data Warehouse, we then turned our attention to our Data Visualisation efforts. To achieve this, we helped TSS implement Power BI – visualisation software capable of providing reports on a wide range of data to create insights available at-a-glance through custom visuals. 

To create these insightful reports that may be utilised to drive TSS’s strategy, we collected data on a range of factors, such as: 

TSS Field Operational Data 

TSS guards report data on numerous activities undertaken as part of their daily duties. This data helps TSS to provide insight on operational activity and drive continuous improvement to its services. 

TSS Client Data 

Clients will share numerous and varied data sources with TSS to support the particular services being supplied. Client data is used in conjunction with TSS’s operation data to provide an enriched and client nuanced view, allowing TSS to provide insights that pertain to a client’s particular needs, driving tailored client services. 

3rd Party Data 

In addition to data available from within TSS and their clients; there is a variety of data available from open-source locations, providing geographical and demographic insight that support TSS with its service provision. 

Working in collaboration with TSS, we were able to source data that allowed TSS to drive internal R&D activity; delivering its digital transformation and providing applications and services that make them industry leaders. 

The outcome

Throughout development, we were conscious that we were heavily constrained by time. Due to the need for new solutions delivered rapidly during a global pandemic, and with increasing demands placed on security such as maintaining social distancing procedures and monitoring the use of facial coverings, it was essential to deliver a proof of concept of more advanced BI capabilities in a number of weeks. 

Working in partnership with TSS and ensuring that our ongoing progress was clearly communicated throughout, we worked to ensure that this deadline was strictly adhered to, with a continuous working solution being evolved. 

We know that experimental endeavours are difficult to justify, as they pose uncertainty, and can often be extensive and time-consuming, with no acknowledgement or guarantee of success. Delivering a working proof of concept in such a short span was initially challenging, but invaluable to the client, allowing them to drive their development programme from it. 

Given the success of the approach, we have continued to work with TSS with our agile, value-driven approach – helping TSS to continue to innovate and improve client services. 

Flexibility and wealth of applications 

Through rapid and intuitive Data Analytics and visualisation capabilities, our work with TSS provided an automated and intuitive BI system capable of informing strategy and eliminating the challenges of Data Silos. 

At Transparity, we’re committed to empowering our partners to gain the best possible insights and results based on their data strategy. From incorporating Data Warehouses to implementing Data Visualisation tools, we work alongside our partners to establish their goals and specific requirements, before moving to execute actions guaranteed to bring value and progress. 

For more information about our services, or to begin your journey to quality, data-driven insights, contact us below and one of our market-leading experts will respond as soon as possible. 

"TSS have been going through a digital transformation programme, delivering optimised security solutions for nationwide operations. DataShapa provided services to help us move towards our scientific and data-driven approach for our critical decision-making. Throughout the process, DataShapa have provided clear communication, and ensured the highest level of client satisfaction".

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