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Microsoft Data, AI and Machine Learning Experts

Microsoft Data and AI Experts

Transparity has acquired Microsoft-focused Data & AI specialist DataShapa. The acquisition adds extensive additional skills to Transparity, the UK’s most accredited pure play Microsoft partner across Data, Business Intelligence, both consulting and managed Artificial intelligence, Azure Data Services and Power BI.

Our team of experienced specialists are fully agile and confident in using an extensive number of commonly-used tools and technologies – able to provide you with the very best solution for your framework.

Data Strategy Consulting

Develop a data strategy to reach enhanced insights with ease    

At Transparity, our team of specialists are equipped to fully realise your data strategy, before implementing a wide range of services to enable you to exploit the full potential of your data assets. 

Your data strategy should underpin your business strategy. It ensures that your data is managed, processed and valued just like any other asset in your business. By providing a clearly defined set of goals and objectives, we can ensure that data is used both effectively and efficiently. 

Using our value-led methodology, we’ll work with you to realise your short and long-term business objectives to design a bespoke data strategy that delivers demonstrable value every step of the way.  

From uncovering demands for a centralised data repository to navigating advanced Machine Learning analytics processes, we’ll help you to achieve your goals by implementing quick wins as well as creating a scalable strategy to future-proof your business. 

Business Intelligence 

By implementing a Business Intelligence solution driven by modern data architecture, your company can take advantage of scalable processes that enable greater insights based on intelligence. 


With our sophisticated approach to data integration, you can move data between different solutions with ease, linking up data silos and removing manual processes. 

Machine Learning

Implementing cutting-edge Machine Learning tools, we can help you model complex processes for efficient workflows, as well as modelling scenarios that help with business development.

Power Platform

Get insights at a glance with Power BI’s reports. Build Power Apps & Power Automate workflows to replace manual business processes, and fill those gaps in your core systems. We can help implement and maintain Power Platform in any organisation.

Managed Services

Once we’ve implemented a range of enhanced tools and processes to elevate your data, we offer a fully managed approach, enabling your systems to remain up to date, as well as granting peace of mind with on-demand support. 

Business Intelligence Consulting

Consultancy services tailored to bring confidence to your data

Our Business Intelligence consulting services are varied, wide-reaching, and unique to each client. Embodying a diverse range of specialities and toolsets, our BI expertise enables businesses to reach the maximum potential of their data, from storage to analysis.

Reporting and analytics services

Get closer than ever before to your data with our reporting and analytics services. Taking advantage of automated data and streamlined dashboards, we can help you uncover previously invisible trends, and map out hidden risks and challenges for agile responses.

Power BI Consulting

Power BI aims to enable data-driven insights for all teams, regardless of experience, with a range of  visualisations to choose from and a fully customisable dashboard. Our Power BI consulting services allows us to set up, deploy and optimise bespoke dashboards – leaving you free to focus on what matters.

Machine Learning

By introducing Machine Learning to growing data platforms, users can create more intelligent models. This gives them the capability to automatically analyse and learn from datasets, produce insights on-demand with precision and more accurately model future scenarios.

Project delivery

Quality cloud platforms meet innovative ETL processes in our project delivery services. We’ll implement reliable solutions that enable seamless processes, integrations, and more.

Retained Engagement Services

Realise trust-free, advanced results, every time. With a retained engagement approach, our specialists are always on-hand to optimise, maintain, and upgrade your architecture.

BI Support

Need advice, suggestions, or help implementing new systems? As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are on hand to offer complete support with any ongoing BI operations or projects.

Data Engineering Services

Elevate your data today

Providing the insight needed to gain vital leverage and maintain market-leading positions, data-driven insights have never been more essential. But how can enterprises ensure that their architecture, and their insights, remain scalable and consistent?

We deliver a wide range of data engineering services designed to enable businesses to empower and enhance their data – from creating effective ETL/ELT processes that automate data flow, to migrating your current Data Warehousing to the Cloud. This on-demand access allows teams to take full advantage of the benefits that the Cloud has to offer.

Our team of specialist data engineers deliver tailored, tech-agnostic, and end-to-end solutions. With a wide range of skills and experience, our engineers can confidently facilitate the automated flow of data through systems, create reliable pipelines, architect data sources, and much more.

Automated workflows

Automation is the perfect answer for enterprises in search of efficient and streamlined data flow. Your teams will benefit from automated workflows, enabling seamless data transfer into a wide array of systems and reinforcing trust in intelligence throughout.

Greater capacity and productivity

With data engineering, you no longer need to devote large portions of time to data input and transfer. This gives back valuable time to focus on interpreting and analysing data, boosting overall efficiency for teams and the business as a whole.

Mitigate risks as you scale

Our specialist data engineers can design and implement solutions for your business’s architecture – resolving not just your initial challenges, but ensuring we continue to support your ongoing growth. By creating a scalable architecture at the beginning of our involvement, we can integrate intelligent engineering services that won’t fall victim to disruption in future.

Data & AI Managed Services

Data services designed to drive your business forward

Is your data, platform & choice of analytical tools something you can manage with confidence? As the size and complexity of data volumes grow, and cloud platforms continue to introduce new capabilities, we’ll ensure these cutting-edge solutions are available to your team.

Our managed services for data empowers users to take advantage of the latest intelligence available without sacrificing resources or risk.

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Does Microsoft work with AI?

Yes, Microsoft actively engages and encourages AI development and integration across a wide range of its products and services.

What is Microsoft data and AI?

Microsoft’s Data and AI initiatives contain a suite of technologies and services aimed at facilitating data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) development. Some sectors include: Azure, Power BI, SQL Servers, Dynamics 365 and now Co-pilot.

What is the difference between Microsoft AI engineer and data scientist?

The roles of a Microsoft AI engineer and a data scientist share similarities, but do have distinct focuses. Microsoft AI engineers primary responsibilities are to develop and deploy artificial intelligence solutions using Microsoft’s tools and platforms. Data scientists are more focused on analysing large datasets, developing statistical models, and creating machine learning algorithms to identify trends, patterns, and actionable insights.

What other data and AI services do we offer?

We offer a range of data and AI services, including:

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