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About LightSpeed Broadband

LightSpeed Broadband are an exciting start-up internet service provider focused on the east of England. Backed by an international investment consortium, LightSpeed’s ambition is to contribute to Britain’s digital equality. Operating in typically underserved areas of South Lincolnshire and West Norfolk, LightSpeed are helping to connect market towns with full fibre internet. They aim to bring 1 Gigabit broadband to over 1 million homes and businesses by 2025.


The challenge

LightSpeed have partnered with tech giant Nokia to roll out 1 Gigabit broadband across the east of England. This exciting project entailed both the LightSpeed Hub (the in-home hardware), and the supporting cloud-based software. To support this software and deliver highspeed internet to their customers, LightSpeed needed to establish a cloud-based platform from the ground up.


The project had a short timescale for completion and the company’s small internal IT team didn’t have the time to manage it themselves. Having made the selection of Azure as their platform of choice, LightSpeed were looking for a single Azure expert partner they could trust and work closely with. They were also looking for the right partner to provide a support service to monitor and manage the platform with security and business reputation at front of mind.


The solution

The team at LightSpeed got in touch with us on Microsoft’s recommendation as a trusted partner. We were subsequently chosen to support them on their Azure journey thanks to our Azure expertise and our proven record of Azure project delivery.


One of LightSpeed’s key aims was to keep the business lean and, where possible, outsource projects. Our experts worked in alignment with their internal IT team to deploy their new Azure environment and to establish the scalable platform they need to support their ambitious plans for customer growth and their partnership with Nokia.


We also provided LightSpeed with the peace of mind of knowing their Azure services are backed up with service-level agreements (SLAs) and our Azure CSP Managed Service which provides for monitoring and management of their environment. We provide automated patching, telephone, email and remote support, and cost optimisation to make sure they can access the services they need while keeping expense to a minimum.


The outcome

The outcome for LightSpeed was a brand-new Azure environment which facilitated their partnership with Nokia and supports their long-term growth. Their platform was established within the short timescales they needed and in line with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.


Our experienced Azure consultants advised the LightSpeed team on the best practice strategy and helped to fast track the project. Our team of experts continue to provide them with support, advice, and guidance to maintain their cloud environment.


Now, the team at LightSpeed Broadband can take advantage of the benefits of public cloud to access enterprise-grade infrastructure without the need to procure and maintain their own equipment. So, LightSpeed can continue to expand their business and grow customer numbers, connecting previously underserved areas with highspeed broadband.

“We initially engaged with Transparity on a recommendation from Microsoft as one of their trusted Azure implementation partners.

Being an agile, no-nonsense start-up, we needed a partner that would be able to work at and support us at the speed with which we were building our business. We are one of the quickest Altnets to market in the UK. From sourcing funding to first customer connected to our 1Gbps service took only 7 months. This was helped along greatly by the support, knowledge and agility provided by the team at Transparity in building the services we required in the backend to support our network operation.

We look forward to them growing with us, as we aim to do Life at LightSpeed.”

Darryl Mitchell, IT Services Manager at LightSpeed Broadband

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