Upcoming Features to Our Cloud Management Platform

Unmissable Features Coming to Our Cloud Management Platform

When speaking to customers about the challenges of managing their cloud environments, cost is still at the top of those challenges. We introduced a number of features within our Cloud Management Platform to help customers understand those costs, bring them back in control, and understand where savings can be made.

Shortly, we will be releasing a new feature within cost management called Estimations. This feature allows you to visualise the impact of new projects directly from the Azure Calculator. Simply enter your resource requirements, download the Excel file and upload to our portal.


From here, our platform goes off and crunches some numbers from your uploaded estimate and displays your estimated upfront costs, as well as your monthly costs. You can also visually see how this new project will impact your existing spend, which this is something we find that customers often find challenging or forget is how will this extra spend impact my existing spend.

We also provide an estimate of how much additional carbon you will produce with the resources you have selected.


Another really great feature is that you can not only visualise the cost impact overall but see the impact of adding to an existing project, workload, environment, or cost centre. As you can see in the following screen shot, this would add all new costs to the Technology cost centre we have selected in the example.

Finally, you can also expand the resources row to show additional details as well as receive a warning when you are deploying to a region outside of the UK or Europe.

Take control of your Azure environment

Our Azure Managed Services give you the control and support you need to be confident that your Azure environment is working the best way it can for you. We work in partnership with you to provide the support and guidance you need to optimise your cloud environment to meet business goals within budget.

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