In an industry where every penny counts, Transparity work with Not-for-Profit organisations to free up precious funds. Removing unnecessary expenditure means that money saved can be ploughed back into activities that help change the world. We’ll help you take advantage of Microsoft’s generous discounts on Cloud services especially for Not-for-Profits, as well as consolidate systems from multiple vendors to reduce licensing and running costs. Ultimately, Transparity work in partnership with you to save you time and money that can then be spent focusing on your core mission.

How we help Not-for-Profit organisations

Move from CapEx to OpEx

Negate the need for costly hardware refreshes every 3-5 years by moving your infrastructure and services to the Cloud. Make your investments go further and costs more predictable.

GDPR compliance

Protect your marketing and donor data, grant and restrict access in real time, and ensure GDPR compliance with tools found in Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

Cut unnecessary costs

Moving to the Microsoft Cloud enables secure remote working, which in turn saves you money on office space and transport expenses.

Make your funding go further

With the cost savings seen from Microsoft Cloud adoption you'll free up more funds for essential and strategic projects, ensuring money is spent where it's needed the most.

Power Apps

Automate notifications, securely store data for use offline, generate customised reports and so much more. With Microsoft Power Apps, Transparity can build intelligent applications to help drive efficiencies in fundraising and delivering vital services.

Protect your systems

Enhance security with Microsoft 365, with software such as Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) to help detect data breaches before they can cause damage.

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