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Revolutionise existing processes with business applications accessible anywhere

Companies are facing increased competition and customer demands, and manual business processes make it difficult to meet new challenges. These challenges are often around delivering modern IT, supporting more users and rising costs. 

Our expertise can identify exactly where your business or organisation can benefit from the implementation of Power Apps. We’ll then help ensure you’re getting the best out of the service, allowing you to automate processes and improve efficiency.

The Power Apps services that we provide include designing, planning and implementing your applications. We then offer Power Apps troubleshooting and consultancy that will continue to transform your business. Some of the specific Power Apps services that we offer include: 

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less development costs with PowerApps


The benefits of Transparity’s Power Apps services

Transparity’s Microsoft Power Apps services come with a variety of benefits. You will be able to run your business from anywhere, and on any device always ensuring smooth customer service 

With Power Apps you will also be able to learn more about your clients and employees. By taking staff or customer surveys, you can learn important data about the people that power your business. Some of the other benefits of Transparity’s Power Apps services include: 

Detailed business insights

Maximised Office 365 value

Custom Power Apps for you

Remote app management

Replacement of legacy software

Connect third-party applications

Cloud data connections

Round the clock aftercare

Scale and build your business faster than ever before. You will be able to quickly build and manage new solutions, and automate routine business processes. We can also help you connect your staff to apps quickly and efficiently. With more cohesion between your data and applications, you can future-proof your business. 

Power Apps Examples and Use Cases

The possibilities with Power Apps are endless. Below are a few examples of what we have built in the past and other examples of where business apps can be used. Contact our Power Apps developers and experts to see how we can help! 

Woodland Trust Case Study

After a devastating cyberattack in 2020, The Woodland Trust needed to get back to operations as quickly as possible.

Want to know more?

App in a Day Workshop

Transparity’s App in a Day Workshop will get you started on your Power Apps journey, with hands-on labs and content. Run by our Power Platform experts, you’ll discover how to create custom business applications without writing code. We’ll also discuss how to create sophisticated business processes and leverage complex data relationships within your applications.


What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is a suite of apps and services, as well as a data platform, that allows you to build custom apps tailored to your business needs. The platform can easily connect to data stored in sources like SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and more.

Power Apps allows organisations to transform manual business operations into automated processes. Apps built using the platform can run in both browser and on mobile devices, and don’t require app creators to write code.

Further Power Apps use cases:

  • Employee feedback application: Easily measure employee performance, including a SWOT analysis of each employee, and help provide feedback that’ll improve performance
  • Learning management systems: Enhance your e-learning and digital content resources to seamlessly upskill employees
  • Employee help desk applications: Easily track and resolve employee queries to keep on top of potential issues
  • Quote generator: Automate customised quotes and send personalised emails to customers, saving you time internally
  • Inventory management: Easily check-in, check-out, and track stock of your inventories to aid planning and improve organisation
  • To-do list apps: Aid time management and task prioritisation with this helpful app
  • Site inspection: Reference and catalogue instances and keep a record in the back end to help with reporting 
  • Interview process application: See candidates’ profiles, provide feedback, prepare interview questions, and more – perfect for HR
  • Staff leave application: Keep track of when employees are away and create automated systems for booking and approving time off
  • Onboarding application: Ensure new employees perform all onboarding activities to make the process more efficient

Is Power Apps hosted in Azure?

Power Apps is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

What other business applications services do we offer?

In addition to Power Apps services, we also offer:

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