Winning from Anywhere® – Our Award-Winning Formula

We’re thrilled to announce that our long-standing Winning from Anywhere® approach to work is set to stay and is now a registered trademark. This reflects our commitment to modernising the way we work and places the wellbeing of our people at the heart of all we do.

Winning from Anywhere® is enabled by our trust-based culture and empowered by leading Microsoft technologies allowing us to do meaningful work alongside like-minded, supportive colleagues in a sustainable way. Not only does it give our colleagues the flexibility to do what they do best from anywhere, it allows us to reduce emissions caused by commuting.

We’ve established a range of programmes to support the wellbeing of our team, from Wellbeing Wednesdays every week to our extensive range of benefits designed to care for our physical and mental health.

This approach is supported by the addition of our Hub which acts as the physical companion and allows us to connect and come together for in-person events, collaboration and team building. The Hub is not an office and instead is designed to inspire creativity and bring us closer together whenever we need it.

We’ve built an exceptional team based on the principles of Transformation, Partnership and Clarity, with clear, consistent internal communications, a close-knit team. We’re proud to say that it’s our people’s commitment to excellence that has allowed Winning from Anywhere® to continue for good.

How our people are making the most of Winning from Anywhere®

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