Transparity sign up to Tech Talent Charter to promote diversity and inclusion

Leading Microsoft Gold Partner Transparity have become a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter, showcasing their commitment to helping change the ecosystem of the tech industry to make it more diverse and inclusive for everyone.

Supported by the government’s UK Digital Strategy, the Tech Talent Charter is a not-for-profit initiative set up to raise awareness of the lack of diversity and inclusion, and to encourage its members to improve their diversity and inclusion practices in both their hiring processes and company culture.

The Charter brings together a community of more than 500 businesses who are passionate about attracting, retaining and supporting the very best talent. This includes those from underrepresented groups within the tech industry, such as ethnic minorities, women, disabled and neurodiverse individuals, and those with socioeconomic disadvantages.

Tech employers will only be considered for this scheme if they commit to and meet the following requirements ongoing:

  • People: Have a Senior Signatory with responsibility for the Charter commitments
  • Plan: Have a plan to improve inclusion, including adopting inclusive recruitment and promotion processes and practices to support the development and retention of a diverse workforce
  • Practice: Collaborate with other Signatory organisations and the TTC to share what has worked and what has not worked for your company to drive best practices
  • Data: Contribute annual employment diversity data (anonymised and aggregated) for publication in our annual Diversity in Tech report


As an organisation, the Tech Talent Charter supports its members by offering resources such as the Open Playbook; a collection of assets, tips, best practices and use cases to help drive greater diversity and inclusion. It also includes information on how to support other individuals who may encounter barriers to success in the tech industry, such as parents, carers, and those making a career change or returning to work after an extended break.

Neil Tune, Head of People & Culture at Transparity, commented: “We are delighted to become a signatory to the Tech Talent Charter. Our success to date has been built on the foundations of both attracting outstanding talent and enabling them to thrive in a strong culture; one that is focused on the values of teamwork, a customer focus, integrity, personal growth and individual strengths.

“Through supporting the Tech Talent Charter and utilising the great best practice examples and toolkits, we are committed to offering great career opportunities for all.”  

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