Streamlining Compliance: The Power of Mandatory Read

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital transformation, organisations are continually seeking ways to streamline operations and enhance compliance. At Transparity, we understand the unique challenges businesses face in ensuring that staff are up-to-date with essential business policy changes or new industry guidelines. Despite SharePoint Online’s robust capabilities as a communication platform, there are specific needs that require more tailored solutions to meet the nuanced demands of various organisations. 

One such challenge is the assurance that staff within an organisation have read and understood essential policy or procedure updates. While departments may diligently post updates, this alone does not guarantee that business users have engaged with these new policies. This gap becomes particularly critical when considering legal obligations that require staff to be informed about policy changes. Without a system in place to verify acknowledgement, organisations risk confusion, inefficiency, and direct inquiries to departments, bypassing established channels for timely information dissemination. 

This is where the “Mandatory Read” solution steps in, developed by the SharePoint Practice at Transparity. This innovative solution addresses the crucial need for organisations to ensure their staff are aware of and have acknowledged policies and procedures requiring their attention. The Mandatory Read solution simplifies the process for both content owners and users, removing the burden of manual follow-ups and ensuring that important information is conveyed and acknowledged effectively. 

The mechanism behind Mandatory Read is both straightforward and effective. Users are immediately notified of required readings via their intranet homepage, other designated SharePoint sites, and the Mandatory Read MS Teams app. This integrated approach ensures that notifications are seen and acted upon promptly. Furthermore, once a document is acknowledged, the business gains comprehensive reporting visibility, enabling them to see at a glance who has and hasn’t engaged with the material. 

The value of this solution cannot be overstated. In industries where compliance and timely information dissemination are paramount, Mandatory Read provides a clear return on investment by bridging a critical gap in communication and compliance processes. Our deployment of this solution across various sectors has demonstrated its effectiveness in meeting the needs of organisations striving for operational excellence and compliance adherence. 

For businesses lacking this feature, the challenges are multifaceted. Beyond the risk of non-compliance with legal and industry standards, there is the potential for significant internal confusion and inefficiency. Departments may find themselves inundated with queries that could have been resolved through proper engagement with policy updates. This not only strains resources but can also lead to inconsistent information dissemination, undermining the organisation’s integrity and operational efficiency. 

In contrast, the advantages of the Mandatory Read solution are clear. It ensures that staff are informed and compliant, reduces the burden on departments to manually track engagement, and provides a clear audit trail for compliance purposes. Moreover, the solution fosters a culture of transparency and accountability within the organisation, reinforcing the importance of staying informed and compliant. 

In conclusion, the Mandatory Read solution by Transparity’s SharePoint Practice represents a significant advancement in how organisations manage and verify staff engagement with essential policies and updates. By addressing the challenges head-on and providing a robust, user-friendly solution, Transparity is at the forefront of empowering organisations to meet their compliance and operational efficiency goals.

If you wish to see this solution in action and understand how it can transform your organisation’s compliance processes, we invite you to reach out for a live demo conducted by one of our consultants. 

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Despite SharePoint Online's robust capabilities as a communication platform, there are specific needs that require more tailored solutions to meet the nuanced demands of various organisations. We explore the need for mandatory read!

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