Microsoft SharePoint with Copilot: welcome to the future of content management

AI is redefining the way everyday tasks and processes are performed at work. For your business to remain competitive it’s essential your workforce is familiar and comfortable using AI in their daily work.

While AI is evolving rapidly, the focus has not been on office-related tasks. The introduction of Microsoft Copilot will allow you and your colleagues to benefit from the power of AI both simply and securely in the applications you use every day at work.

Copilot gives you the tools you need to boost productivity and improve creativity – powered by AI and designed to work alongside you. It leverages large language models (LLMs) to provide relevant suggestions and integrates data with Microsoft 365 applications and services to help complete tasks faster and smarter – all while ensuring enterprise-level security, privacy, and compliance.

When using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, or any other of your familiar Microsoft apps, it is like having a virtual copilot alongside you – providing the support you need, when you need it. Copilot empowers you to deliver even greater value in everything you do. 

Copilot represents the single biggest SharePoint evolution in history

As the world’s most flexible content platform, Microsoft SharePoint is the driving force powering innovation across Microsoft 365. For example, it enables you to host creative video content on Microsoft Stream, work closely together in real-time in Microsoft Loop and stay constantly in contact and on the same page inside Microsoft Teams.   

Copilot enriches and extends these experiences through SharePoint-powered solutions that represent what Microsoft acknowledges as the single biggest evolution in the platform’s 22-year history – that will reimagine how sites, pages and new content are created.

Copilot brings four key benefits to users of SharePoint:

  • Natural language and AI will enable pages to be authored faster and more easily, either solo or while collaborating with colleagues in real-time.
  • Sites and pages will become even more captivating and compelling through stunning and sophisticated visual imagery and expression: across every element from branding, typography and fonts, formatting and layout, audio visual stimulus and animation.
  • The potential to engage with readers will increase, and the impact of this content can be measured and refined accordingly.
  • The SharePoint platform will become even more flexible, as sites can be tailored to meet specific workflows and integrated with custom applications.

Stay confident that you’re secure, compliant and supported 

SharePoint with Copilot provides best-in-class guidance when you need it – so you can remain confident that site owners are aligning with branding guidelines and compliance requirements. Microsoft remains committed to responsible AI by design, setting this out in its core principles of fairness, reliability, safety, privacy, security, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability.  

It’s an exciting and unprecedented time for all businesses as AI continues to evolve. Microsoft Copilot delivers revolutionary capabilities across Microsoft 365, SharePoint and the Power Platform, empowering you to design, develop, deliver and support solutions that transform the way you work.

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