Frontline teams work faster and smarter, with Microsoft Teams

Forward thinking management teams are embracing the potential of the latest technology to improve frontline employee productivity and operational efficiency.


Microsoft Teams has emerged as a major player in this process, by enabling people to achieve more at work through convenient collaboration – especially while working remotely.


The flexibility of Teams means users can access the service easily anytime, anywhere on a range of devices. This gives organisations an ideal platform to deliver the services and support their customers need. Better still, relevant third-party partners can also integrate their own features into these apps and tailor them to suit users’ specific needs – all in one place.


This way, working together becomes seamless, wherever you’re based. Workflows can quickly be automated for individuals and teams alike, using the Power Automate app. Once created, tasks can be managed, shared and completed collectively as easily as if you were in the office, using the chat and channel conversation features or directly via the Approvals app.


A host of applications, designed for you

With more than 350 systems now using Power Automate, these smooth operational processes can be applied across a wide range of disciplines – including critical business apps like ServiceNow, Dynamics, and GitHub. Regardless of their job role and sector, everyone can benefit.


Using Microsoft’s Power Apps studio, employees can independently create their own bespoke apps to meet their specific needs – just by dragging and dropping the relevant elements to carry out tasks. Once ready, these apps can be deployed immediately to desktop and mobile devices, making everyone more productive from anywhere.


With Microsoft’s intelligent and innovative Power BI app, organisations can get maximum value from their data. With Power BI, teams can draw insights from their data to make informed decisions, enhance customer experience, improve service offerings, and unlock employee capabilities. Information itself is easy to browse and collate, resulting in invaluable reporting and real-time insights – all stored and managed in one convenient, central repository.


Built to bring the best out of frontline workers

This flexibility and availability are particularly powerful for frontline and shift workers. Teams on the front line rely on speed and collaboration to perform their roles effectively, supported by up-to-date, accurate data reporting to drive good decision-making.


Microsoft Teams apps give these frontline teams everything they need to provide top level service, with less hassle.


For example, Walkie Talkie allows them to talk clearly to each other over the cloud, on their company smartphones and tablets, wherever they are. With the app they can easily exchange critical information and updates as they happen. This saves time and makes collaboration effortlessly convenient. Different employees can sign in and out of the same device as they start and end their shifts.


Using the Teams Shifts app, frontline team managers can seamlessly organise rotors and schedules, and log time and attendance for reporting and payroll. These can be updated and changed remotely by authorised individuals so everyone can see what’s happening in one place.


Microsoft Teams is the go-to place for frontline workers and teams committed to service excellence. The result is greater productivity, smoother workflows and improved efficiency. Teams continues to release new, impressive capabilities so there’s lots more to look forward to.


To find out more about how Transparity can help you develop a smarter, more convenient way of working using the power of Microsoft Teams, click below to book a discovery call.

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