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Pursue strategies with confidence, led by data-driven intelligence over instinct

Get closer to the insights that matter

Enabling access to advanced reporting and analytical capabilities, our services can allow you to gain the competitive advantage in dense markets, reduce the margin for error, and gain the greatest value possible from your data. 

Giving you access to comprehensive enterprise-wide insights and unparalleled visibility, our reporting and analytics solutions are designed to give you a unified view of your business data. As a result, you can gain the clarity and intelligence needed to respond to market shifts with confidence, while identifying potential areas of growth and risk. 

Operating with a tried and tested methodology, we’ll work alongside you to understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of your architecture, before establishing reporting tools that are scalable, accessible, and comprehensive. 

In Power BI we’ve been able to automate a wide range of analysis processes. For us, from a retail perspective, this has been extremely meaningful and valuable. Being able to benchmark ourselves against milestones is great for visibility and distilling performance down, as well as being infinitely quicker. What we have achieved is a really robust and stable data model that gives us the ability to provide retail insights across all of our customers.   

Trent Powell – Project & Product Manager

Reporting & Analytics Services

Our teams have multiple decades of expertise in Business Intelligence, data analytics, and data science. As a result, our specialists can help deploy a sophisticated reporting and analytics approach that takes advantage of your unique architecture and data sources. 

Increased Collaboration

Users can more easily collaborate and communicate throughout the company. No longer restricted by harmful data silos, this single source of truth can ensure seamless approaches to decision-making and operations.

A Secure Approach to Insights

Thanks to our tried-and-tested methodology, we can ensure that your data is reliable, trusted, and secure. Producing unwavering results, you can build greater stakeholder trust, as well as a firmer internal data-driven culture.

A Proactive Viewpoint

Our expertise in Machine Learning-driven predictive analytics provides you with a distinctive model of potential future outcomes. This approach can help your teams anticipate significant challenges before they occur.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Our clients are our business. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have demonstrated our ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of client care possible, and can guarantee expertise and support to ensure maximum satisfaction. 

Data & AI Customer Stories

By shifting from a simplified, manual approach to an optimised, data-driven culture, TSS aimed to advance their current data strategy towards a smarter, flexible solution that would allow them to develop their client-facing solutions in line with their digital strategy.

A collaborative partnership with Transparity enabled advanced flexibility, reporting capabilities, and scalable processes. In turn, this elevated their data strategy to uncover greater insights and deliver truly excellent services.

When reporting to clients whose assets offer a varied and complex landscape, it is critical to be able to rely on results given, and to trust any data requested and rapidly sourced.

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