Azure Landing Zones 101

Moving to the Cloud allows organisations to think about how to best operate their IT environment. Azure Landing Zones are designed to help organisations modernise and reimagine their operating model. They help build a Cloud environment that aligns with optimal technology operations, whilst also being tailored to your organisation’s needs!

Join Transparity as our Azure Technical Lead showcases the ways in which you can leverage an Azure Landing Zone to provide a best practice foundation for all your workloads moving to Azure. We’ll also cover the benefits, key design areas and implementation options of Azure Landing Zones, as well as demoing Landing Zone designs and Azure Blueprints.


  • 10:00  Introductions and overview of Transparity
  • 10:15  What is the Cloud Adoption Framework?
    • Introduction to Cloud Adoption Framework
    • Overview of the “Ready” stage
  • 10:20  What is an Azure Landing Zone?
  • 10:25  Benefits of a Landing Zone
  • 10:30  Key design areas
    • Networking
    • Identity
    • Resource Organisation
    • Governance
    • Operations
    • Disaster Recovery
  • 10:45  Implementation options and decisions
    • Introduction to Azure Blueprints
    • Start small and expand
    • Enterprise scale
  • 10: 55  Landing Zone design demo
  • 11:05  Azure Blueprints demo
  • 11:15  Q&A and close
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