Exploring the value that a BI consultancy can bring

How can BI consultancies bring direct value to your enterprise?   

This question has been asked by businesses all around the world as they look to enhance their strategic decision-making in the face of competitive marketplaces.   

Eager to make decisions in confidence with access to critical intelligence, more and more businesses are turning to BI consultancies to deliver enhanced frameworks. As BI consultants, we work with a wide range of enterprises to deliver many significant advantages – benefitting infrastructure and insights. At a glance, some of these advantages are:  

  • Disruption-free insights  
  • Greater buy-in on future projects   
  • An understanding of your unique architecture   
  • Access to the latest industry developments  
  • On-demand support and maintenance  

Disruption-free, data-driven insights 

While some enterprises may be aware of the advancements that they need to make to their infrastructure and reporting capabilities, they may not have the resources needed to implement them.  

In these situations, bringing in external BI consultants can accelerate project implementation without using the time or resources traditionally required from internal teams. Secure in the knowledge that BI projects will be integrated securely and reliably, IT teams can continue prioritising their delivery and responsibilities, while other teams can take advantage of seamless implementation free from disruption.   

Some of these projects might include:   

  • A fully cloud-based data migration  
  • The creation of tailor-made reporting dashboards  
  • The implementation of data warehouses or data lakes  

Greater buy-in on future BI projects 

As BI consultants, a core component of our process and methodology is clear and consistent communication. Updating key decision-makers and internal stakeholders, as well as other internal teams, on the processes and projects that we’re implementing, we can confidently explain the full value that they will deliver.   

The result: users who are equipped with the knowledge to take advantage of the value of Business Intelligence tools.   

For stakeholders, this understanding can make them more open to future BI projects, while internal teams may be less resistant to new processes with more awareness about their advantages 

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An understanding of your unique architecture 

Each enterprise comes complete with its unique architecture, processes, and data sources, giving it unique strengths and weaknesses. Any credible BI consultant will take the time to evaluate and understand the unique architecture present, taking note of these strengths and weaknesses to optimise their involvement.   

By communicating these to stakeholders, businesses can ensure that any future implementations or projects avoid possible disruption while gaining the greatest return on investment.   

Access to the latest industry developments 

As BI consultants, we’re passionate about delivering comprehensive insights for our clients.   

To do this, our consultants remain up to date on the latest industry insights, developments, and tools. For our team, this includes regular reviews of the most recent Power BI updates, and ongoing research into new areas of data science, AI, and ML.   

This ensures that we can confidently deliver the most beneficial, cost-effective, and efficient processes – solidifying the trusted relationship we achieve with our clients, and ensuring that our skillset is continuously being improved.   

On-demand support and maintenance  

Enterprises shouldn’t be quick to dismiss BI consultancies as soon as the initial project has been completed. There is a wide range of benefits to gain from considering a retained engagement approach.   

As businesses scale, so too does their data – which may present future challenges that a trusted BI consultancy (already familiar with the architecture in question) can confidently resolve. From small instances of manual error to large-scale full disruptions, challenges can be tackled at a moment’s notice. Rapid responses limit the long-term consequences of these challenges, cementing trust in data while allowing users to resume regular activity as soon as possible.  

BI consultancies can also help support with ongoing maintenance or optimisations in an outsourced capacity. As well as lowering the demand and resources needed on internal teams, consultants can also ensure that all users can confidently continue to take advantage of all tools with confidence.   

Access trusted intelligence today  

At Transparity, we’re committed to delivering excellent services that enable access to critical data-driven insights. With a wide range of services including data engineering, migration and management, we can ensure that your data-driven insights remain secure, reliable, and transformative. Book a free initial consultation today to learn more. 

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