Debunking 5 BI consultancy myths

Is your business resistant to partnering with a BI consultancy? 

Providing an external perspective on a range of issues, BI consultancies bring with them the expertise needed to fuel measurable growth. 

However, despite the many benefits that BI can bring, some enterprises are still reluctant to seek out a value-led partnership. Myths still circulate that misinform teams – and stakeholders – on the role and responsibilities of BI consultancies. This can lead to dissuasion, confusion, and an inability to capitalise on possible sources of revenue and growth. 

Learn more about five of the most common BI consultancy myths, and what makes them inaccurate, below. 

Myth #1 BI consultancies replace internal teams 

While BI consultancies deliver projects primarily designed to help enhance data-driven insights and strategic decision-making, a common misconception we encounter is that we’re there to replace internal teams. 

Often, when we communicate our solutions to internal teams, we can find it difficult to earn their trust, due to this very belief. 

In fact, we’re there to work alongside you. 

Finding the right BI consultancy is essential to making sure that teams feel comfortable – secure in the knowledge that consultants aren’t there to replace them, but instead elevate their capabilities. Working together, we can more easily respond to unexpected developments and challenges. Plus we can gain a unique internal viewpoint on the strengths and weaknesses of business infrastructure. 

Interested in learning more? Discover our thoughts and tips on when to partner with a BI consultancy. 

Myth #2 A Business Intelligence consultancy requires a large initial investment 

Another reason that many businesses are sceptical of turning to BI consultants is that they mistakenly believe that any project implementation is guarded behind a large initial investment. 

With a vast array of online tools and services, as well as specialist teams providing expert advice, realising the benefits of Business Intelligence has never been easier, or more accessible. 

With our tried and tested methodology, we ensure that any solution designed for a client is achievable and value led, while remaining viable. 

Myth #3 It’s the sole responsibility of the BI consultancy to enable data-driven insights 

While it’s our responsibility to suggest and implement BI insights, it’s also the responsibility of internal teams to become familiar with the new systems we introduce. 

This is important for ensuring that projects and processes remain in use long after our involvement has ended. 

Each project demands the input of a wide number of internal teams. If teams aren’t made aware of the benefits, projects are sure to fall flat. Reinforcing the data-driven culture results in continued value. By working together – onboarding new users and communicating the value to all – we can ensure that our involvement will continue to deliver meaningful value to your business. 

Myth #4 BI consultancies are involved in a one-time implementation 

For some, the involvement of a Business Intelligence consultancy involves a single project. While this will deliver some limited advantages, the full suite of benefits that a BI consultancy can deliver stems from long-term, value-led, and incremental changes that support business growth. 

At Transparity, we offer a retained engagement agreement to easily facilitate this long-term involvement. With this agreement, enterprises can access experts on-demand to continue optimising their architecture. 

For example, while a preliminary project may involve introducing a centralised data warehouse, further projects may be focused on enhancing reporting capabilities to take advantage of this new single source of truth. 

Myth #5 BI consultants are disruptive 

With BI consultants occasionally required on-premises, and with some projects, such as data migration, occasionally requiring periods of downtime, some believe that any involvement will mean potential operational disruption. 

At Transparity, we always value trusted communication with our clients. With this in place, we can continue to update on any unexpected challenges and developments, as well as tailor our implementation to facilitate the least amount of disruption possible. 

Passionate about delivering true data 

As specialist Business Intelligence consultants, we enable enterprises to access strategic intelligence through leveraging their architecture and data. Operating with a tried and tested methodology, we work with businesses from healthcare to finance to reach their business objectives. To learn how we can help your business, get in touch with us today. 

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