Lottery Fundraising Services

Lottery Fundraising Services (LFS) were founded in 2003 by the current co-Director, Julie Williams. They launched as an entirely bespoke and full-service lottery provider to the Third Sector market, aiding charitable organisations in building bespoke, branded lottery campaigns to help raise money for their causes. The lotteries provide a successful and sustainable income stream for all of the charities that LFS work with.

LFS are passionate about helping charities in their fundraising endeavours whilst also providing a professional and ethical representation with market-leading standards. To further show their commitment to the organisations they work with, LFS have recently achieved the prestigious and internationally-recognised ISO 27001 accreditation in information security management, demonstrating their dedication to protecting their clients’ data.


The challenge

Lottery Fundraising Services were looking to update their back end office and administration infrastructure to better align with the leading-edge data capture and delivery systems that they already had in place. The only exception to their mostly on-premises infrastructure, was a Cloud-based remote access solution, put in place as a quick fix when remote working became a requirement. Additionally, with cybersecurity and fraud becoming a top priority for many organisations and with more people working from home, concern was raised regarding potential external threats to the business and how best to tackle them. This lead LFS to make the strategic decision to upgrade their systems for both security and efficacy purposes.

After an online search for Microsoft Cloud Experts and reviewing Transparity’s capabilities and offerings, LFS got in touch. Following an in-depth consultation, it was agreed to focus on LFS’ ageing software and how to modernise their servers and transition to the Cloud, whilst increasing security and reducing threats. LFS chose to partner with Transparity thanks to the Microsoft Gold Partner’s knowledge and expertise in Cloud Security, as well as demonstratable Azure operations and migration experience.


The solution

Transparity worked closely with Lottery Fundraising Services to find the solution that would best suit them, both immediately and in the future.

The first step to Cloud integration involved Microsoft 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, which provided a hosted Cloud environment for business applications to reside in. Exchange Online was also implemented to centralise Cloud email and replace the existing on-premises server. With an M365 subscription, Windows 10 Pro removed the concern and need to upgrade software, as it updates automatically without the need for manual intervention.

Knowing that threat protection and security was of high priority to LFS, Transparity suggested a comprehensive solution in the form of Azure Active Directory (known as Azure AD). Azure AD is an identity service provider with Multi-Factor Authentication that protects users from cybersecurity attacks, whilst seamlessly offering access to apps from any device. To further boost security, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 would help filter Cloud-based emails to protect against unknown malware and viruses. Defender also provides robust zero-day protection whilst safeguarding the organisation against harmful links, all in real time. Additionally, Office 365 Backup was suggested as an option to protect data within SharePoint and Exchange, with quick recovery times promised should restoration be necessary.

Having so many users working from home created a need for a communications hub which is both reliable and user friendly. Microsoft Teams was a clear solution to help modernise their approach for collaboration, conversations with colleagues, internal and external meetings, and integration with Calendar and SharePoint. All of these services can be accessed within the Teams app, making it the obvious choice for LFS to easily adopt and utilise.

With all of these changes and updates, Transparity TAP (Training and Adoption Portal) was recommended to help LFS’ users in adoption of these new systems and processes and help them adapt to using Cloud-based solutions moving forward. Transparity TAP is a platform specifically designed to assist users in embracing digital transformation at their own pace, with courses and documents that can be referred back to when needed.

The outcome

Lottery Fundraising Services now have a Cloud-based infrastructure with excellent security and threat protection, thanks to Azure AD and Microsoft Defender for Office 365. The decommissioning of ageing office hardware to mitigate risks and making use of Azure and M365 means they can now rely on the Cloud whilst being able to operate remotely. With their data and accessibility now secure and reliable, LFS can continue delivering a great service to their clients without compromise.

The company also now has a robust, stable and flexible IT service within a simplified and user-friendly process, which has improved security for both the business and its users. Switching to Teams helped modernise their approach to communication and collaboration, ensuring everyone can stay connected even when working from home. The added bonus of Transparity’s TAP solution is helping equip LFS users with the knowledge to quickly adopt these changes and thrive within their new Cloud-based working environment.

“We needed a modern, secure and adaptable platform for our business systems. Thanks to Transparity’s help, that’s what we now have.”

Jim Benson, Head of IT at Lottery Fundraising Services

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