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Blue Coast Capital were formed in 2019 when UK & European Investments Ltd and Lewis Trust Group (LTG) merged, bringing together two companies with more than 110 years’ commercial experience between them. UK & European Investments Ltd invested in and developed residential and commercial properties across the USA and Europe, whilst LTG was best known for founding the iconic retailer Chelsea Girl in 1965, as well as River Island in 1988.

Today, Blue Coast Capital is a significant asset manager with interests in real estate, retail, entertainment and more, with investments in brands such as Mint Velvet, Zumba Fitness, Domino’s Pizza, Marriot Bonvoy, River Island and The Hut Group. It remains a privately-owned business, with 110 employees and a number of the Lewis family continuing to hold senior positions within the company.

The challenge

The team at Blue Coast Capital (BCCAP) wanted to improve their security posture and safeguard their sensitive company data. They were looking for a solution that would proactively protect their systems and data from cyberattacks on a 24/7 basis. They were also looking for a security partner they could trust to handle security events quickly and confidently.

We already had an excellent working relationship with BCCAP after transitioning their on-premise infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud, incorporating Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. Having already invested in Microsoft licensing which came as standard with a range of advanced security tools, it made a lot of sense for BCCAP to partner with a security partner to get the full benefit of their Microsoft investment.

The solution

We deployed our fully Managed Security Service which drives a best practice security posture to the customer’s environment and provides customer support day and night. The service has been built on three core principles; Zero Trust, least privilege and assume breach.

Our specialist consultants and analysts worked with BCCAP’s team through our 12-phase onboarding process to transform their security posture and to ensure the technology environment was aligned to our Secure By Design blueprint.

Our team take ownership of the security of the environment, owning detection, prevention and mitigation of security threats. By working proactively our team looks for potential vulnerabilities and resolves them, to continually improve the customer’s security posture. Our in-house blueprints are continually evolving to keep up with the latest threat intelligence and ensure our security service remains at the cutting edge of risk mitigation.

The outcome

The result for Blue Coast Capital is end-to-end security protection and assurance with access to our skilled SOC engineers alongside our Security Incident and Response Team. We take a follow the sun approach with in-house teams established in both the UK and New Zealand, to deliver vital customer support around the clock and avoid impacting UK and Europe-based offices’ working hours.

Our team assess and respond to security threats quickly and confidently, assuring Blue Coast Capital that their data is protected. In 2021 our security team of specialists handled more than 2000 events including 6 critical vulnerabilities impacting businesses worldwide that may have otherwise led to a breach.

Our security experts also rapidly responded to these critical vulnerabilities by identifying potential exposure and mitigating risk through patching, configuration changes and the isolation of devices as needed. Our response left BCCAP both protected from the imminent risk and with a better security posture to safeguard them from future threats.

“Our infrastructure was lacking security as we only had minimal services in place. So, when approached by Transparity regarding this new service, it was at the perfect time. We were provided with a presentation of exactly what the Managed Security Service would support us with and could see the number of additional security layers this service would provide. Also understanding Transparity’s approach regarding the three core principles; Zero Trust, least privilege and assume breach – was another factor in our decision. This explains how the security engineers would react to threats and this approach would keep our company safe from any security vulnerabilities. Shawn Wilkin presented the MSS service and all the above to us, he has a broad understanding of security and he explained the many security threats we would prevent by having this service in place.

Tom Vavrecka has been our account manager from the start and has been a pleasure to work with. He has always ensured that we at Blue Coast Capital receive nothing but the best service and is always reaching out to make sure. Having this reliability was one of the main deciding factors in adopting the MSS, as we knew we could rely on Transparity to provide us with the best possible service. Also, with his expansive knowledge of the advanced security in the M365 E5 license suite we currently utilise, Tom has been invaluable in assisting us with the MSS selection.

During the project, I worked closely with Jessica Morris to make sure we were onboarded successfully to the MSS. The project was very smooth which was thanks to Jessica’s expertise, how she planned the 12 phases and conducted the project. 

To conclude it has been a great experience working with the security engineers and successfully onboarding the MSS within our infrastructure and would highly recommend Transparity Managed Security Service to any companies looking to enhance their security, and feel safe knowing Transparity MSS is protecting the infrastructure 24 hours a day.”

Amrit Bansal – IT Manager at Blue Coast Capital

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