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Tap into our technical expertise with IT resourcing, Team Augmentation Service. We can help you attain your business objectives by working alongside you as a seamless extension of your own in-house team, on-demand. Save money by expanding your team only as and when you need it.

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Short or long-term resources are a vital staffing supplement for new or established enterprises

Use our technical experts for as little as three months to a few years, to cover the peaks and troughs of demand.

The demand for talented IT contract staff is higher than ever and the IT skills marketplace in the UK is extremely competitive. With a company only as good as its team members, finding the right fit is imperative. No matter how exceptional your in-house team, it can be a struggle to scale to deliver on tight deadlines, sudden high demands or to cover knowledge gaps when they arise.

Team augmentation skips recruitment agencies or the time-intensive effort of sourcing candidates in-house. It provides you with a service to expedite you through the traditional contract hiring process so you directly get the experts you need.

You have a real knack for bridging the gap between technology and the business and i know our teams from the contact centre and loyalty have been so grateful for your understanding of what they need” 

Senior Scrum Master – Virgin Atlantic Airways

Team Augmentation Services

Our team augmentation uses a tried and tested model which allows clients to supplement their existing in-house teams with skilled, reliable and flexible resources.

Instant Expertise

Give your team instant expertise, with highly skilled Microsoft Certified developers, be it to aid in a tight deadline or to fill a vital knowledge gap.


Acquire team members for the amount of time you need them. Whether it is three months, six months or two years, our resources are there.


Add as many team members as your needs dictate, be it one or one hundred, scale up or down as required to meet demands.

Why Team Augmentation?

Whether you are struggling to bring in the right contract tech talent on time, have a key knowledge gap to fill, or a project with an aggressive timeline to meet, we can provide you with the experts you need to solve the problem.

One of the main observable benefits of staff augmentation is the ability to scale up and scale down on demand. Any IT Manager knows the burden on the in-house IT team of tight deadlines, sudden urgent priorities or unexpected emergencies.

When your team are already busy full-time with day-to-day support, application management or in-progress development, how can they cope suddenly with more? That is where you need scalable, on-demand resources to seamlessly join your team.

  • Reduced operational, hiring or recruitment costs
  • An in-house team that can rapidly scale up or down as needed
  • Get urgent tasks completed quickly
  • Skip the distracting and time-consuming process of hiring developers
  • Bring in technical expertise just when you need it
  • Let your in-house developers continue with day-to-day tasks during times of high demand
  • Give your organisation more time to strengthen its core business processes
  • Staffing services keep IT costs down
  • Avoid time on ‘people management’
  • Give your IT management time to better plan and innovate
  • Remove overwork and constant burden on your valuable IT resources
  • Introduce new skills into the team

How Team Augmentation is done by Transparity

Tell us what you need! Our Team Augmentation service begins with a minimum three-month contract and ends when you decide.

Our placement service can provide you with individuals or a whole team of Microsoft Certified Professionals who have specialist expertise across the Microsoft Enterprise Platform stack, including .NET & Azure, SQL Server, BizTalk Server and .NET MAUI/Xamarin.

When we provide contract staff for you, we skip no details, going through a rigorous recruitment process, the same full hiring process as we use to hire internally. This always ensures the engineer has suitable skills, lives locally, and is capable of working and integrating with your team. Technically all our engineers must pass coding tests as well as a face-to-face interview. Many resources provided will already have worked for Transparity for years, we always know we’re giving you an excellent, trusted and reliable resource.

Part of your in-house team

We recognise that it is extremely important that our resources become a part of your in-house team, rather than feeling like a third-party intrusion. By focusing on integrating into your team, many barriers are removed that often plague distributed agile teams.

All our resources are UK based, meaning they speak the same language, work the same hours, and can be present in your offices.  No surprises!

Whether the resource has worked for us for years or has recently joined the team, we always ensure they are fully oriented in our company, with their line manager and the rest of the team. Ensuring the engineer operates off our policies is vital. Working for you, they are a member of our team too and expected to uphold the policies and standards we hold dear.

Our resources are your resources

Collaboration between us and your management team is vital as the experience should be as one team. Once the engineer or developer starts working with you in-house, you will be able to incorporate them into your team and run them as you would the rest of your staff. But as an additional resource, our Operations Manager maintains regular communication to ensure they are delivering to your expectations and you are happy with their work.

Our approach has been refined over many years of working with clients and you can be certain that our resources will be an integral part of your team, hard-working, competent, and delivering the level of quality you expect.

Proud to be recognised as trusted partners

We’re proud to hold all six Microsoft Partner Designations and Azure Expert MSP status, firmly placing Transparity amongst the most accredited Microsoft Partners in the world.  

With decades of combined experience our industry-leading technical experts pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer outcomes and creating long-term partnerships.

App Innovation Customer Stories

The availability and performance of a large and complex healthcare management system is the foundation for 'end user service levels. CHT moved their development and support to Transparity at the beginning of the year and improved results have been immediate.

As AppCan’s client base expands, some users required specific functionality. In this case, AppCan was approached by an existing client – a large gas services company – looking for a development partner as it had won the delivery lead framework contract bid for London.

Cornerstone was in the process of implementing an IT system that would manage their entire estate (circa 21,000 sites). This system needed to contain all details of the estate and ensure a greater level of automation could be achieved between Cornerstone, its customers and suppliers.

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