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A flexible and mature approach to application management

whether we developed it or you need to transition from a previous partner.

Our application managed service (AMS) combines Microsoft Azure cloud support with application support, leveraging our considerable experience in both areas to provide a support service wrapped around your application. We manage your applications in partnership with you to reduce complexity, increase efficiency and maximise ROI.

We offer a range of application innovation services, including custom software development, application integration, and application modernisation. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

“People didn’t think this type of connectivity was possible within this budget, but through the quality of engineering of Transparity, the quality of the development team fronted up with the PM alongside the APPCAN input in terms of UAT and direction, we successfully delivered on time and in budget as stated” 

Co-Founder & Director APPCAN

What’s included in the Application Managed Service (AMS)

Our core services and expertise give us great flexibility to work with you across any point of the development lifecycle, and deliver in a manner that suits you and proves most cost-effective. Whether that is an outsourced project, internal team augmentation, consultancy, or ongoing support.

Application Support

Support for your application delivered by developers​. An Agile approach to resolving issues requiring configuration or code changes​. Strict source control adherence and ​thorough testing.

Application Monitoring

Monitoring that matches your application DNA​. Greater observability through designed outputs​. Peace of mind that your application is behaving as expected & managed when it isn’t.

24/7 Cloud Support

Round the clock incident response.​ Designated Microsoft Azure resources. ​ In-depth Azure resource monitoring & alerting. Guaranteed SLAs​. Unlimited Incident Requests

Service Management

Assigned Service Delivery Manager. Quarterly customised report​. Summarised activity presented by your SDM quarterly​. Trends, areas of concern & improvement recommendations.

How is this accomplished?

Our fully managed application service is made possible through the expert coordination of the Azure Infrastructure team and the Transparity application engineers.

Our engineers either built your app or will take the time to get very familiar with the architecture, code and designs, ensuring that whatever crops up they are on-hand to keep your app running smoothly.

While the infrastructure team have a 24/7 helpdesk made possible through the teams both here in the UK and New Zealand. And it’s not just reactive support you’re receiving, but proactive monitoring. This gives you peace of mind that your app is behaving as expected and managed when it isn’t.

2nd and 3rd Line Support

Extend your capability and free up your team to concentrate on what matters most.

Application Support

If the fault is determined to be in your software rather than a Microsoft Azure infrastructure issue, our expert software engineers will get to work identifying the behaviours in the application that cause the issue.   

We’ll examine the affected components to identify what needs to be changed to resolve the software issue. Following strict source control, we’ll update the necessary elements of code and test extensively using your development environment. 

Once we’ve proven we have resolved the issue in your development environment, we’ll release it to your production environment, using the established pipeline and following the appropriate processes. Then we’ll test again and update release notes prior to marking the issue as closed.

Cloud Support

Proactive, high-quality, end-to-end support for the Azure infrastructure services and configuration that underpin your application provides a significant saving in cost and time.

We’ll work with your 1st line IT Support team to understand what the symptoms are, what the effects are and what investigation they’ve already performed. We’ll then work to replicate the fault so that we can understand where to focus our efforts.

Where the issue is related to the Microsoft Azure services that your application utilises, we’ll work to resolve the fault following standard ITIL practices.

Full Stack Monitoring & Response

Obtain peace of mind that we have you covered from infrastructure through to code.

Azure Infrastructure Monitoring

Using the cloud native features of Microsoft Azure, we proactively monitor your in-scope Azure infrastructure resources that underpin your applications for performance issues at all times. We’ll also provide a reactive response to alerts received on a 24/7 basis. 

We’ve developed metrics to catch problems as they occur, or in some cases predict them before they do. This is all done to minimise service interruption and keep your applications performant and accessible by catching problems as or before they occur. 

Where you have specific application monitoring requirements, we will work with you to deploy appropriate monitoring templates to provide enhanced insight and proactive response capability.

Application Monitoring

Monitoring the Azure services that your applications are built on helps us resolve Azure issues as they happen, but won’t tell us what’s going on in your application.   

Application monitoring is bespoke in nature as the characteristics, functionality and inner workings of apps will differ from one to the next. Therefore, we will work to understand exactly how your application is intended to work and configure our real-time monitoring engine to observe for unexpected behaviour and degradation in performance.

When we are alerted of an exception, we will resolve issues in line with our service level agreements. 

Service Delivery Management

Transparity specialists will work with you and your team to maintain, support and enhance your custom software both efficiently and cost-effectively. A vital requirement for business continuity, effectiveness and productivity.

Assigned Service Delivery Manager

Your Service Delivery Manager can be contacted to discuss concerns or issues that you may have, acting as your interface into our service operation resolving your queries quickly.

Automated Service Report

Your service will include the provision of an automated monthly service report summarising activity for the previous month including incidents raised and associated resolutions.

Service Management Review

Use your quarterly review to understand notable trends, areas of concern or proposed improvement recommendations. Continuous improvement relevant to your business.

Why Transparity?

Proud to be recognised as trusted partners

We’re proud to hold all six Microsoft Partner Designations and Azure Expert MSP status, firmly placing Transparity amongst the most accredited Microsoft Partners in the world.  

With decades of combined experience our industry-leading technical experts pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer outcomes and creating long-term partnerships.

App Innovation Customer Stories

The integration platform solved the technical requirements in an enterprise-grade, fault-tolerant manner and in doing so, improved the operational processes relating to member sign up.

With 92% of its total income coming from donations and legacies, the RNLI’s public-facing website is a critical tool for generating awareness and for fundraising.

Over the last few years, we have provided ongoing DevOps for the patient management system of The Care Database. The ongoing development has covered over 70 CRS and has improved a wide variety of functionality of the software including form building, reporting and body mapping.


What are application managed services?

Application managed services refers to third-party organisations offering application support to businesses. This includes services like application support, cloud support, monitoring, and more.

Application managed services are designed to improve application performance and help businesses achieve better results. By tailoring application services to their objectives, organisations are better prepared to meet their goals.

How do application managed services work?

Application managed service providers are responsible for the monitoring and management of applications. This involves:

  • Logging IT solutions
  • Providing support and solutions to issues
  • Helping the client adopt new applications
  • Configuring and testing applications
  • Ensuring systems are running optimally and troubleshooting issues
  • Updating software

Benefits of application managed services

Benefits of application managed services include:

  • Access to experts in the field: AMS providers are specialists in the field, and most businesses are unlikely to have this expertise in-house
  • Around the clock support: AMS companies give 24/7 support, so if something goes wrong you’re in safe hands
  • More time: Free up time internally to spend on other tasks, improving efficiency internally

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