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Transforming IT Governance and Cybersecurity in the Not-For-Profit Sector

For the not-for-profit sector, making a secure digital transition is especially challenging. Not only do not-for-profit organisations and charities rely on funding, but they also manage a lot administration and governance when tracking and engaging a large number of donors.


A government survey reveals that over a quarter (26%) of charities have experienced a cyber breach in the last 6 months. With the rise in remote working, this figure is unsurprising.


Not-for-Profit organisations are now reconsidering their IT governance to deliver digital projects more efficiently and resolve cybersecurity issues. If this is a concern, here’s how we can help:


Remote endpoint management

Securing endpoints is critical for effective hybrid working. Where employees are working remotely via unsecured personal devices, data is at risk. This is a huge compliance issue, as confidential information can be more easily accessed by malicious outsiders. Ultimately, this could land not for profit organisations with a costly GDPR violation penalty – or worse yet, a six-figure ransom payment to hackers for the safe return of encrypted data.


Transparity recently worked with Enham Trust, a disability charity based in Hampshire, to improve data handling and information sharing across the organisation. As well as migrating to Microsoft 365 to achieve greater productivity in the Cloud, the charity gained access to Endpoint Manager, giving them the power to manage and authorise remote devices with zero-touch provisioning. This reduces the likelihood of cyberattacks, as Multi-Factor Authentication is required on mobile devices to prove a user’s identity before they can access files and applications. These solutions create a more secure, modern and flexible working environment, increasing efficiency and eliminating reliance on legacy infrastructure.


Microsoft funded workshops

We offer six Microsoft funded security workshops providing in-depth guidance from our security experts. Explore Microsoft’s extensive security toolset, analyse current threats and create a strategic security plan to protect and govern your corporate data. Get actionable next steps to improve your security posture and put your questions to our experts so you walk away with the insights you need.


Our security workshops are:

  • Securing Identities
  • Microsoft Threat Protection
  • Hybrid Cloud Security
  • Manage & Investigate Risk
  • Discover Sensitive Data
  • Microsoft Sentinel


We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and hold multiple Advanced Specialisations, including:

  • Threat Protection Advanced Specialisation
  • Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialisation
  • Information Protection and Governance Advanced Specialisation
  • Cloud Security Advanced Specialisation


To learn more about how funded Microsoft solutions can improve cybersecurity and IT governance in your organisation, register for a 3-day workshop with Transparity’s expert consultants or contact us.

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