Transparity is proud to announce our carbon neutral status

Transparity are proud to release our first Net Zero Report and announce that its findings confirm we are now an officially carbon neutral organisation . 

As part of our ongoing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) commitments, we commissioned a review to understand and calculate our total GHG (Green House Gas) emissions across scope 1,2 and 3.  

The work was carried out in partnership with Sustainable Advantage who provide expertise and a robust process of measurement in accordance with the relevant standards and protocols. 

This has resulted in the publication of our first ever net zero report that not only confirms we are carbon neutral, but also includes our carbon reduction plan to achieve net zero by 2045. We will review and report on our progress each year. 

As a result of our unique culture and the adoption of a digital tools and a cloud first approach we have been able to embrace our Winning from Anywhere® strategy enabling us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, continue to deliver great outcomes for our customers and develop a way of working that provides choice and flexibility for our teams. 

The significant reduction in our carbon usage and the robust measurement process has enabled us to offset our scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions and partially offset our scope 3 emissions, including fully offsetting those relating to Winning from Anywhere®.  

We are delighted to confirm we have met the requirements to achieve Carbon Neutral Britain certification and have offset through Carbon Neutral Britain™ and their Climate Fund™ into projects underpinned by the UN CER, VERRA and Gold standards.  

“We are proud of our trust-based culture and how every member of our team embraces our way of working. It is fantastic that this approach can also be used as a force for good in supporting the Woodland Trust and we can reduce our environmental impact through Carbon Neutral Britain™'.”

In addition to these offsetting initiatives, we have just completed year one of our partnership with the Woodland Trust and agreed our support for year two.  In year one over 95% of our customer consulting work was delivered remotely. Each of these days resulted in a new tree being planted and we were able to contribute £28,000 to the Woodland Trust supporting their Emergency Tree Fund.  

We recognise the benefits of nature as part of our wellbeing initiatives and strongly support the Woodland Trust programmes that promote both wellbeing, connections with our environment and improve biodiversity. 

“Our Net Zero report and the achievement of Carbon Neutral status are two examples of our commitment to being part of the solution, not the problem. Our learnings and the digital transformation of our business model mean we are well placed to share these and help our clients on their own journey”.

Our net zero report and certification can be viewed on our website here. 

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