Transparity is Evolving

As you may have noticed, we’ve got a new look! We’ve refreshed the look and feel of all things Transparity to reflect the way we’ve grown and evolved over the past few years, we hope you like it!


Since our founding in 2015, we’ve been on an incredible journey of growth gaining a host of Microsoft accreditations, acquiring exciting new businesses whilst growing to almost 200 staff and of course – a list of outstanding customers. Through this growth, we’ve evolved and developed our culture to ensure everyone we work with feels valued and supported. It’s our culture that sets us apart and allows us to welcome top industry talent to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers.


To fast track our growth and offer our customers even more, we’ve acquired two businesses in the past 12 months. First, AMT Evolve, a leader in the SharePoint space and secondly, Ballard Chalmers, a team of exceptional software developers. Each of these additions has become an integral part of the Transparity family solidifying us as an end-to-end Azure expert, and the new look and feel of our website commemorates that.


A critical focus for everyone in #TeamTransparity is inclusivity and accessibility, and our new colours help us live up to these values. From optimising the contrast between colours so text is easier to read to ensuring our content is accessible for people using screen readers.


We will continue to work to remove all forms of barriers to the industry from simple adjustments like this to growing the Transparity Academy, our apprenticeship programme. We’ll strive to extend the opportunity to engage in the exciting world of Microsoft Cloud to all.

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