MSI Reproductive Choices Choose Transparity

We’re thrilled to be working with MSI Reproductive Choices to create a Global Data Warehouse (GDW). MSI is a not-for-profit organisation delivering essential sexual and reproductive health services across 37 countries worldwide and has delivered services to over 155 million women since 1976.

The development of this Global Data Warehouse will upgrade MSI’s reporting and analytics capabilities, reducing manual processes and saving them time. By creating a single centrally managed repository the MSI team can create on-demand reports quickly and easily. We began with a Proof of Concept (POC) before moving on to the roadmap for implementing the GDW first in the UK and then globally. Our dedicated not-for-profit focused account management team have supported MSI through the process and will continue to provide support until the GDW is fully rolled out later this year.

We’re pleased to be helping MSI streamline its reporting processes to support innovation and adaption across the global organisation.

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