Announcing Transparity’s next-generation Cloud Management Platform

Microsoft pureplay partner and Cloud experts Transparity have announced that their next-generation consolidated Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is now available.

Designed to give customers more visibility and control over their Cloud spending, this release of Transparity’s CMP provides extended cost insights, governance and budget management across all workloads. It has also been designed to act as a contextual platform, allowing for further development as Transparity introduces additional features.

The platform allows customers to more effectively keep track of their Microsoft Cloud spending by assigning budgets to both Workloads and Environments, with dashboards showing how the spend is progressing compared to the budget. This consumption information can then be exported for use with customers’ own financial planning tools.

The CMP also provides customers with a unified interface, including visibility of invoices from Microsoft services they consume from Transparity, as well as a view of any open tickets with the Service Desk and the performance of their Managed Services.

The Cloud Management Platform focuses on Microsoft Azure. Future development of the platform will focus on all areas of Microsoft Cloud – including Microsoft 365 – as well as Transparity’s Managed Security Service. Built securely in Microsoft Azure using an extensive set of APIs, the company plans to be able to offer customers the opportunity to access these APIs so they can integrate and automate their workflows using Transparity’s logic.

Martyn Coupland, Head of DevOps at Transparity, commented: “At Transparity, we believe in helping you grow, be more efficient, and deliver innovation to your clients. To help customers achieve this goal, we are continually iterating our Cloud Management platform in a way that is designed to be intuitive and user friendly, providing real-time information through a single pane of glass.

“We are excited to deliver this next advancement in the visibility we provide to our customers and a commitment to continuing to build on its capabilities, offering a platform that gives users more control and insights over their Microsoft Cloud environment using native tooling.”

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