Project Delivery

From defining the scope, risks, and benefits of a project, to thoroughly comprehending and conducting the various steps involved

We ensure maximum success for any BI project

From defining the scope, risks, and benefits of a project, to thoroughly comprehending and conducting the various steps involved, well-structured project delivery is essential.

Regardless of the project, the objective always remains the same: providing businesses with the necessary tools to realise the full capabilities of their data as well as communication with the key stakeholders throughout the lifetime of the project. In an increasingly data-driven society, where insights may mean the difference between you and your competitors, successful BI project delivery is essential. 

Here at Transparity, we can implement and deliver a wide range of projects to empower businesses to get the most out of their data. Effective ETL processes and migrating your current Data Warehousing to the Cloud are key examples of these. We’ll work alongside you to ensure that your business is provided with projects that add measurable benefits in both the long and short-term. 

In Power BI we’ve been able to automate a wide range of analysis processes. For us, from a retail perspective, this has been extremely meaningful and valuable. Being able to benchmark ourselves against milestones is great for visibility and distilling performance down, as well as being infinitely quicker. What we have achieved is a really robust and stable data model that gives us the ability to provide retail insights across all of our customers.   

Trent Powell – Project & Product Manager

Project Delivery Services

Services for any enterprise, from first steps to cutting edge. Achieving greater insights through Power BI comes in many forms. 


Extract, Transform, Load processes allow your multiple data sources to migrate to an overarching storage solution such as a Data Warehouse. In doing so, businesses are given the tools necessary to gain an overarching view of all their current data sources.

Cloud Services

On-premises data storage provides an array of complications for businesses that handle vast datasets from a variety of sources. Cloud storage intends to solve these issues by providing a cost-effective solution that can be accessed remotely from almost any location.


Ensuring the right Data Visualisation tools are implemented is key to providing at-a-glance insights from vast datasets currently stored in a Data Warehouse. By introducing Visualisation capabilities, vast datasets are given clarity and translated into an easily accessible formats.

A Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner

As an ongoing Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve showcased our dedication to delivering exceptional client services, as well as a commitment to furthering our extensive array of specialist knowledge. Able to provide market-leading insights on Microsoft’s suite of platforms, and confident in deploying advanced analytics and data science solutions, we have a dedicated service for your data. 

Trusted Intelligence

We’re passionate about empowering data to its maximum potential. We know how important it is to make informed decisions based on trust with an overarching infrastructure that infuses all data sources with accountability and security. With this trust, businesses can make market-leading decisions with confidence in their data.

To learn more about how we work with our partners, read some of our past examples of project delivery below.

Data & AI Customer Stories

A collaborative partnership with Transparity enabled advanced flexibility, reporting capabilities, and scalable processes. In turn, this elevated their data strategy to uncover greater insights and deliver truly excellent services.

When reporting to clients whose assets offer a varied and complex landscape, it is critical to be able to rely on results given, and to trust any data requested and rapidly sourced.

With six operational retirement villages, Inspired Villages wished to implement a stable Business Intelligence system that could scale as more sites were added.

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