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Microsoft 365: A Modern Work Solution

Microsoft 365 is the backbone of the world of modern work. It’s your everyday go to solution that allows you and your team to do their best work independently and in collaboration.

M365 brings you the tools you need to embrace hybrid and remote working, from communication, security and compliance to file sharing and beyond. However, to make the most of your investment it’s essential that M365 keeps running smoothly and your team has access to the support they need when they need it.

Our M365 managed services are designed to keep your team effective by giving them the training and support they need, around the clock. So, your team can focus on what they do best, with our experts at their side.

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Expert Microsoft 365 Consultancy

Microsoft 365 is the suite of tools you need to revolutionise your work and get more done.

Combining industry-leading tools for collaboration, connecting with your team, essential security features, built-in compliance tools and productivity must-haves.

We’re the expert M365 consultants you need by your side to deploy and manage your system. As modern work specialists, we know the potential M365 holds to transform the way you work in a way that’s tailored to you.

Stay connected

With M365 at the heart of your day-to-day, you need to know it’ll keep running smoothly.

With tools to keep your team connected and collaborative, like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, M365 keeps the world of work spinning.

Our Modern Work CSP Managed Service is designed to keep you up and running around the clock, with support on hand whenever you need it.

With access to our support desk for minor issues, your team will have the help they need to get back to work. Plus, our technical consultants will help you hit your goals and get the most out of the tools at your fingertips.

Empower your users

Your team are experts in what they do, but they can’t be effective without the tools and support they need. M365 delivers all the tools they need to work collaboratively from anywhere, but there’s a knowledge gap among users that could be creating roadblocks to your team’s progress.

Empower your users to navigate and capitalise on the features of M365 with our Managed End User service. With our service desk on hand to help out with any queries and patch management to keep everything running smoothly, we’ll provide the support your team needs to keep your IT team focused on the big projects.

Plus, give your users access to TAP, the Transparity Training and Adoption Portal. TAP is an industry-leading resource full of essential guides and advice on demand, tailored to support the FAQs of users.

Customer success stories

Transparity partnered with Hobbycraft to manage and develop device management across its organisation using Microsoft FastTrack.

How a customer in the public sector is switching to cloud-based technologies to support staff and customers.

How Identity leveraged their existing licensing to safeguard and expedite their onboarding process, allowing them to scale-up quickly and securely

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s latest cloud-powered productivity platform. It includes:

  • Productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and more
  • Exclusive updates and upgrades
  • Installation on PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones

With innovative apps, intelligent cloud services and reliable security, it’s a popular choice with businesses.

What is the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 includes everything that comes with Office 365, as well as extra features, apps, cloud services, and security.


Microsoft 365 includes everything you know in Office 365. Microsoft 365 is designed to help people and businesses achieve more with innovative apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

What other modern work services do we offer?

In addition to M365 services, we also offer:

What are the benefits of our M365 services?

  • Collaboration: Help your team stay connected with a single integrated platform
  • Improved security: Safeguard data and prevent breaches with advanced threat protection
  • Proactive monitoring: Resolve issues before they arise with continuous 
  • Updates: Keep your systems up-to-date and compliant with seamless updates
  • Bespoke solutions: We’ll help you find bespoke solutions that match your business objectives
  • Ongoing support, training and consultancy: We’re here to help beyond implementation to ensure you get the most from M365

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