Zero Trust Decoded: A Deep Dive with Microsoft

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Implement Zero Trust principles with Microsoft

In this exclusive webinar our security experts will unravel the three pillars of Zero Trust, shedding light on what Zero Trust is, why it matters, and how you can fortify your organisation’s security using cutting-edge Microsoft technology.

Our seasoned Security Architect, Rob Unger, will guide you through each pillar – providing invaluable insights and practical advice. Discover why Zero Trust is fundamental to a robust cyber security strategy, how its principles defend your environment against attackers and how Microsoft’s advanced solutions seamlessly align with this transformative security framework.

This webinar is your gateway to a more secure future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights, ask questions directly to our experts, and learn how to leverage Microsoft technology for a robust Zero Trust security strategy.

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In 45 minutes we’ll explore:

  • The 3 core pillars of Zero Trust; Explicit verification, least privilege and assume breach.
  • How these principles help to keep your environment secure
  • How you can get started implementing these principles with Microsoft.

Meet the Transparity Speaker

Rob Unger

Security Architect

Rob is one of our Microsoft-certified experts focused on delivering security, compliance, identity (SC&I), and endpoint solutions. He’s spent over 25 years working in IT in both a technical and strategic capacity and has been deploying and administering Microsoft 365 solutions since 2011.

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