Viva Microsoft Viva! Microsoft's Employee Experience Platform

Many organisations have had to quickly adapt over the past year to working from home. But with this change comes new challenges, and many organisations would benefit from a platform specifically designed to improve their employee experience. Microsoft Viva helps create a work environment that puts people first, driving better business results whilst empowering every employee in this new digital age.

Join Transparity as our Intelligent Cloud Technical Lead takes you through the new Viva features available to you in Microsoft Teams. We’ll guide you through its functions and provide insight into the four brand-new areas: Viva Insights, Viva Topics, Viva Learning and Viva Connections.


  • 10:00  Introductions and overview of Transparity
  • 10:15  What is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP)?
  • 10:20  What is Microsoft Viva?
    • Insights: Balance productivity and wellbeing
    • Knowledge: Harness knowledge and expertise
    • Learning: Accelerate skill building and growth
    • Connections: Amplify culture and communications
  • 10:30  Microsoft Viva insights
    • Understand the impact of work patterns on productivity and wellbeing
    • Provide privacy-protected insights and actionable recommendations
    • Address complex challenges with advanced tools and capabilities
  • 10:40  Microsoft Viva Topics
    • Turn content into usable knowledge
    • Organise knowledge into topic pages
    • Make knowledge easy to discover and use
  • 10:50  Microsoft Viva Learning
    • All learning content available in one place
    • Enable your customers to learn formally and from colleagues collaboratively within Microsoft Teams
    • Drive results that matter with manager tools to assign learning and track outcomes
  • 11:00  Microsoft Viva Connections
    • Keep everyone connected
    • Make it easy for people to contribute
    • Unite and inspire your organisation
  • 11:10  Q&A and close
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