LYNQ is a leading provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software with over 15,000 users, across 15 industries and in more than 10 countries. They offer a modern digital approach to factory management, helping boost manufacturing performance and efficiency to the next level.

LYNQ have seen vast organic growth over recent years due to their leading-edge plug-and-play software. With it being quick to deploy and easily configurable, the manufacturing operations management solution offers the capability to help plan, track, automate and analyse factories for data-driven decision making, leading to better efficiency and ultimately increased profits for their customers. Designed, developed and deployed to a high standard for a fraction of the typical cost, LYNQ MES accelerates digital transformation and automation initiatives to achieve delivery, quality and financial goals.

The challenge

Thanks to continuous organic growth, LYNQ have further developed their solutions to suit their customers’ evolving requirements. However, this has meant that updates to their Azure hosting would need to be implemented to match their ongoing progression. LYNQ’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) had traditionally been managed using on-premises infrastructure; however, over time there has been an increased demand from their customers to utilise LYNQ’s software as a hosted product in the Cloud.

LYNQ reached out to Transparity to discuss the creation of a Cloud-accessible option that would host their MES software solution for their customer base. As a result of their longstanding relationship and Transparity’s expertise as a leading Azure expert, the Gold Partner was chosen to help deliver this project.

The solution

The first step involved implementing an environment to host LYNQ’s MES software and make it available to each individual customer. Azure Virtual Networks (VNet’s) and Azure Virtual Desktop were deployed to provide this hosted solution. VNet is a fundamental starting block for virtual machines and applications to reside within, offering a full-private and highly-secure environment for each customer. Pairing this with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), meant that LYNQ’s customers would have access to the Cloud-based MES Software using a secure and user-friendly solution from any device.

Azure SQL was also utilised for its advanced database capabilities, creating a platform to store user data that has scalability, performance and security in mind. To manage access, Azure Active Directory was also implemented, providing multi-factor authentication to further protect end-users. Azure Backup with its end-to-end backup solution presented a simple yet scalable system, whilst Azure Site Recovery provided automated disaster recovery protection. Finally, the Azure inclusive Managed Service offered Transparity’s in house expert support, proactive monitoring, security monitoring, server patching and technical leadership.

The outcome

With the help of Transparity, LYNQ now have a hosted Infrastructure as a Service solution offering for their customers in need of secure and effective Cloud-based access to the Manufacturing Execution System. Additionally, LYNQ have the ability to create environments for their customers as and when needed, meaning they can manage the roll out to additional customers themselves as the business grows.

An important factor when designing this hosted environment was the assurance that each customer environment was completely isolated and secure. With the use of Azure tools such as VNet, Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure AD, each customer environment is highly secure, as well as proactively managed and updated with the Azure Managed Service.

“By working with Transparity, we rest safe in the knowledge that their high standards of excellence, technical ability and customer care, ensures a much better service for our end users.  Through the expertise of Transparity, our private cloud services bridges the gap between standard public cloud services and in-house data centres, to provide a dedicated cloud platform with the performance and security our customers need.

Over the past 3 years, Transparity have become a key technology partner for our business and we look forward to working on additional projects with the team, in the future.”

Sarah Paradise-Brown – Chief Operations Officer at LYNQ

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