Transparity’s Women in Focus: Jessica Pattison

Today, Tuesday 8th March 2022 is International Women’s Day and to celebrate we’d like to introduce you to some of the many inspiring women in team Transparity doing great things!


Meet Jess Pattison our Head of Sales. Jess has been with Transparity for almost 3 years, joining as a Cloud Specialist in the Account Management Team.  Her most recent role has seen Jess promoted to Head of Sales with the responsibility of a wider team of 20 + employees.


Jess shows her strength through stepping up to new challenges and the teams she builds around her. Recently proven by winning the Good to Great – Award at our annual ‘Shouties’ 2021 company awards, as voted for by her colleagues and peers.


Jess gives us a snapshot into her career and finding that work/life balance in a remote working landscape, in our Transparity 10 questions in 10 minutes.

Transparity 10 in 10 Female Focus: Jess Pattison – Head of Sales.


1. How do you like to start each day?

With a nice fresh coffee and some time with my daughters before school.   To kick off the working day I spend 10 minutes planning my day and understanding my tasks.


2. What would say is your biggest strength?

Building relationships.  I love working with people and how we can work together using our combined strengths.


3. What is your greatest learning experience so far?

My biggest learning experience so far was when studying for my Masters degree.  At the age of 32 and having had an incredibly busy career, it was the first time I had really taken time to stop, think and reflect.  One of the lecturers pointed out that we live in world of responding to stimulus and then reacting which is fairly robotic.  Instead, we should put choice and consideration in between the stimulus and reaction.  This is something that I have taken forward with me, whether it is taking the time to reflect myself or encouraging others to do so.


4. Describe yourself in 3 words

Active, positive, determined.


5. What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

This was hard as I talk quite a lot! I am really uncomfortable presenting.  It is a big part of the work I do but very much pushes me outside of my comfort zone.


6. What is your favorite part of your day?

I like all parts of the day for many different reasons.  I like the family time in the morning, the challenge of work and the relaxation at the end of the day.


7. Name 3 things you can’t live without.

Time with my family, my mountain bike and sweets!


8. What is your greatest career achievement to date?

This has to be being the Head of Account Management this year. Making it through a tough climate with lockdowns, video call fatigue and both social and work isolation; with a Team that exceeded their targets and were so strong throughout a completely unprecedented time.  I am incredibly proud of them all and our achievements for the year.


9. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Being able to be in more than one place at any one time.


10. What is the best part of working at Transparity?

I love the team spirit and how we can all work together to achieve a certain project or an overall goal.

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